Christian Pavlovich: Javelin Analysis

  • Hello all! I am a freshman collegiate javelin thrower who is looking for any pointers anyone can give. This throw I am posting a video to is a 57.10 Meter throw or 187 Feet 4 Inches. It is my official PR although I've thrown over 59 meters in practice. It was very cold at this meet and windy so 57.10 is a good result. I have very high aspirations for throwing and would appreciate anything anyone notices in my throwing.

    The biggest things I know I can better are...

    1. Faster Feet. When my right foot hits my left foot needs to way out and almost hitting the ground.

    2. Faster left side. When my left foot does hit the ground my left side needs to turn in quicker so that my chest is out and my right hip comes through.

    3. Block. My block fudges a little bit and could certainly be extended farther out to create a deeper reverse C.

    4. Relax. I am trying to hard and I am pulling way too early.

    Have at it and feel free to tear my throw apart. Thank you all!

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