Hammer throw technique analysis

  • Slow the first turn down, your steps need to be tighter and that will come with time . It takes a lot of reps to get it down, you also have to extend those arms you kinda bring them in. You look taller but sitting and countering the weight will help with balance and speed with each turn you want to sit more it will help your orbit! Any more questions just ask!

    • Slow down the first turn and make it flatter. Your wind shouldn't go into a full strength turn immediately.
    • This is my opinion, but you seem slouched/shrugging through the whole thing. Your shoulders should be relaxed and at almost normal level through the turns.
    • Lock out your arms, especially through the finish. It wasn't until I stopped "t-Rex'ing" my finish that I started getting great throws consistently. This is probably caused by your shrugging shoulders. Also, follow through with the finish!
    • Last thing I noticed was probably the timing of your step with your high point. Don't be afraid to actually let the ball munipulate you, the hammer throw is a system (you and the ball). Your right foot should be down sooner and out towards the sector instead of thinking about just getting around into the next throw and back to its starting position. It was kind of hard to tell from the video but it looked as though your high point had already passed and your leg was still trying to get around. Try a stronger left leg and pushing off more with your right.

    Hope anything I said helped. Hard to show you drills but YouTube is a good resource. I learned most of my drills from Koji. Good luck and far throws!

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