analyse my shotput technique

  • CBSE games shotput 2014:

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  • Rustam, first... your drive needs to be a 'leap forward', if you will. You need to land the 'soft right leg', aka GET LOWER IN YOUR POWER POSITION. You start tall...this is fine, so do I, but it all starts w/ the 'drop at 9o'clock'...see coach Mac's vids on this. Upon contact with your left leg, your hips are waaaaay pre-turned; you're not achieving maximum torque! Hips should be facing the rear in double support. Toe-knee-hip, followed by the upper body creates an incredible amount of torque.

    Your release is completely airborne...not even one foot is in contact with the ground. We are MUCH stronger when the throw occurs with BOTH FEET in contact with the ground...the throw itself NEEDS the resistance the ground provides. Non-reverse throws/progressions will correct this. The reverse is just an afterthought, it is our bodies' response to producing forward/centrifugal force and having to stop before/at the toe board. The reverse is not part of the throw, it is a byproduct of the throw, don't make it a part of the throw itself, you're not going to throw as far.

    Other than that, your line looks decent and you've got good release height and angle. We strive for unobtainable perfection and while we'll never achieve it, through our journey, we can break through previously unimaginable barriers and thresholds. Keep it salty.

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