Asian Games prep

  • Well, Seema is back in Southern California for a 5 week camp in preparation for the Asian Games. She took a week off after her Silver medal performance at the Common Wealth Games and now we are starting back at it and looking for some more hardware. We have about 6 weeks before the competition so we will do a 2 week loading phase, right now we are throwing 5 days a week with high school size 1.75, 1.5, and 1.25 disc's and lifting 2 days a week with a pretty good load in there also. In two weeks we will go to the women's disc but still throw over weight 1.5, 1.25, and 1K, also get some 2 a day practices in and at that point we will increase the intensity in the weight room. The final two weeks we will pick up the speed throwing 1.25, 1. And .75 disc's and do nothing but speed work in the weight room, 50% or less snatch! clean! jerks! jumps and throws! Looking for Gold and new PRs, let's go!

  • Well, she is kind of strapped by her Federation, and they don't give out a lot of information, so I don't think she is going to come and stay for six months, I think she will come and do a couple of 4-6 week camps. When she left for the Asian games she said she would be back before the first of the year so I am expecting a winter camp and then a spring camp in April or May. I hope more because it's not just good for her but also for Rutger just to have a training partner.

  • Jim, I know she receives bonus' for medals and placing from her Gov't. Her federation sponsors her to some extent to come here and train and I think maybe she gets some help from the Gov't. For the 2012 Olympics she was sponsored by an athletic trust fund set up by the Mittal Steel corporation but after the Olympics it shut down. I think after a Silver at the Common Wealth games and a Gold at the Asian games she might have a little more pull, or at least I hope!

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