Gia Lewis-Smallwood (USA) | news & notes

  • What a huge win.

    Glasgow DL June 11, 2014
    1 Gia Lewis-Smallwood USA 67.59 4
    2 Perkovic , Sandra CRO 66.30 2
    3 Samuels , Dani AUS 65.21 1
    4 Sendriuté , Zinaida LTU 61.87
    5 Pérez , Yaime CUB 61.41
    6 Craft , Shanice GER 59.90
    7 Rodrigues , Irina POR 58.81
    8 Glanc , Zaneta POL 57.68

  • You won't believe me but it is her back up discus that she was forced to throw at USAs when her primary discus (Cantabrian gold) cracked. Threw it 65.96. She got a replacement Cantabrian and has been throwing both the cantabrian and her back up... Stackhouse Olympia with light blue plates. 83% rim weight for about $100 retail... I wondered if anyone would notice.

    Gia was at one of Mac's meets with SBT back in 2009 or 2010 and the guy from Stackhouse was there and gave her that discus. She always had a good feel for that model. When I talked to Gia after the meet and we discussed use of the Olympia, She told me that it felt heavy in her hand and that she felt more patient in her delivery with it. I do believe you are correct that 67.59 is likely the furthest that model has ever flown.

    The goal is never to reverse or non reverse. The goal is to learn how or discover a way to turn the right hip into the throw quickly and, more importantly, completely. Part of this is dependent upon the position of the feet in the power position and partly on the actual mechanics of how the thrower turns the right hip/leg into the throw. In Gia's case, we use a strategy of driving the right knee into the left knee much like the delivery of a javelin thrower. Ig done correctly, she will roll over the toes of her right foot. I like this because I have found she not only clears the hip but is also able to get about 15-20 cm more penetration of the hip towards the direction of the throw. Win win. I would recommend watching the delivery of Lars Reidel for an example of a male discus thrower doing this.

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