Javelin throwing - why the huge drop in quality??

  • What has happened to spear chucking?!?! Just thought I'd start a discussion....

    Just looking at IAAF.org and reminiscing about the hurlers that inspired me - Jan, Steve, Seppo, Kimmo, Mick, and others...

    Since 2004ish - the number of throwers throwing over 85m, and for that matter the number of actual throws over 85m has reduced quite significantly.

    Take 2000 as an example. 61 throws over 85m by 16 athletes. Roll to 2013 and only 30 throws over 85m by 7 athletes!!!!!!!

    In most years the top mark or two have been very good, but the strength in depth seems to have really suffered. And I know it's only half way through June, but this year so far, only TWO throws over 85m by only TWO athletes!!!

    So, folks, why the apparent drop in quality? Discuss!! :)

  • I would have to say the javelin throw is one of the most technical events but also body breaking movements. When you run down the runway hit 13 mph and than come to a halt and throw but you are unable to throw through the tip the energy goes back through your body and can cause lots of injuries. I think the throwing style Zelezny exhibited isn't as prevelant anymore. I'm not saying wrapping isn't still heavily used, but I think more throwers are focused on speed and power with less wrapping. Take Viteslav Vesely the world champion who has only thrown 83m this year? When you watch him throw he runs fast, develops speed, holds it and explodes and fouls a lot because of his speed. Also if you find the right camera angles, he doesn't wrap much. Zelezny on the other hand didn't foul that much because once he finished throwing he would stomp down with two feet and be well clear of the line and he heavily wrapped the javelin in his approach. It is true the numbers have dropped, but I also think the technique has changed over the last couple years to athletes trying to be balanced flexible throwers that can hold strong positions through the plant, without needing to twist and curl the body in ways it wasn't ment to be. Just a thought, I'm no expert, just a high school graduate who will be throwing in college as a freshman next season trying to learn as much as he can about Javelin!

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