Technique for reps, without throwing

  • What do you guys think about doing technique up until the power position without throwing it, for the purpose of doing technique indoors. Can this help your throw? For example, I have a simple shot circle built In my basement that I do turns and full spins in with the shot on my neck... I can't throw into a net because the ceiling is too low, so to make up for it, I hold the shot to get a feel as if it was an actual throw, what do you guys think about this, & doing technique for reps without an implement, do you guys really think it translates into a full throw? Thank you

  • We did a decent amount of reps without releases this past year as a pre-meet type thing, sometimes with an implement, sometimes not. We'd do 5 mental reps (so, just visualizing yourself doing the throw with perfect technique) and then we'd do 5 reps without releasing about 3 times or so the day before a meet. I think that there's a lot of power in training your body to be able to put into action the technique that you're able to visualize, and sometimes doing it without releasing is helpful as it forces you to focus on technique over distance. In that setting, I found it to be beneficial, and I think it'd be interesting to see if it would work in using that technique on more consistent terms.

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