Lisa Brix Pedersen‎ | technique analysis (video)

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    From my discus session this Monday. Right now I'm working on:
    - a big/low swing in the start
    - speed
    - a faster left leg in the power position.
    I hope to make it to the World Junior Championships in time even though I'm still [short of the qualifying mark by] 2,60m. The team will be selected 14th of July Anyway, do you guys have any comments?

  • I like to see the FB page comments brought over here.

    [quote]A couple of things. Your left leg during the entry is awesome. But yes, you're right leg is to high. Try putting a 2 liter bottle out in front of you outside the circle and start with basic 360's in the back. You should be just knocking it over at the top. After the run, the motion of your right foot is beautiful. Never stops turning all the way to your finish. Biggest issue I see is your position at the release. Here's a picture. Your need to drop the left foot a little closer to your right but to to close that it throws you off balance. That will help you get extension out of your left leg, post up on it, and get to the fulcrum at release. With your legs to far apart, you face forward, the chest can't rise, and you lose your angles. Good luck and go get it!

  • [quote]Lisa...just keep your right leg slightly bent at the back of the wind...rather than straight...the straight leg pushes the hip back and once the right leg picks up the hips can no longer move around the left leg causing most of the other problems. Keep the right leg flexed on the wind and continue everything else the way you are doing will find your left leg coming down sooner relative to the discus path and you will feel a bigger finish. Simple fix and it will give you a much better feeling for the discus throughout the path....don't get bogged down in the details...overall you have an excellent start to a valid technique!

  • [quote]I use to start just like that with my right leg too high up, my coach had me doing drill after drill to try to bring my leg down. One thing that helped me was looking at that first rotation as more of a 1/4 rotation on your left foot followed by the huge surge off your left foot. Keep in mind that the first thing that initiates your block is the placement of the left foot, try to think of what you can do to get the left foot to your final block position as fast as possible. What is the shortest route to that location, is it swinging it out wide, or is it running tight almost brushing against your left knee at your initial rotation? Anthony San Filippo hit the nail on the head regarding your foot placement at the end of your throw. If you look at the picture of your finish you can see your left foot is slightly left of the left sector line. I believe that is due to your right foot swinging farther out than it should be, if you focus more on exploding straight across the ring after the initial rotation I think you will see your left foot pointing nearly down the middle of the left sector. This should have your shoulders square to both sectors allowing you to be in perfect position.

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