How do you handle a bad day?

  • When I have a bad day which generally happens once a week because I'm human. I don't really focus on throwing far because it's not going to happen that day no matter how hard I try. I will go and focus on my technique, positions and what I need to get done. If I can hit good positions and movement on a bad day then that's fine. But if I get angry try to kill a few throws and get nothing accomplished then that's not a good day at all.

  • Well Alex, we're going to have more of those than the other, that's the truth of the matter. What matters is that we practice proper form, don't slop - hit the positions; we do our penance on those bad days...we learn humility by putting in our time, even when we're not at the top of our game, because eventually....THAT MARK IS GONNA MOVE, BROTHER! Most of all, have fun: yeah, it's work, but when we stop having fun, that's when we know it's time to hang it up....NEVER!

  • In addition to what's already been said, I think another way to really boost a bad day is by pointing out things that others are doing well (if you have teammates) and encouraging them to push through their rough spots that day. It's amazing how much being positive for other people can making you have a more positive outlook on your own throws and just relax and be able to take something of value out of the day.

  • To me training is an experiment- if you haven't thrown far by the end of practice and you say you had a bad day, it's just as much a learning experience as a great day. You've learned a part of training that doesn't particularly work for you.

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