Men's Discus | 2014 Zürich EC

  • AUT Mayer Gerhard 20/05/1980 65.24 61.45

    BEL Milanov Philip 06/07/1991 66.02 66.02

    CRO Marić Martin 19/04/1984 67.92 67.92

    CRO Varga Roland 22/10/1977 67.38 63.43

    CYP Parellis Apostolos 24/07/1985 65.36 63.89

    ESP Casañas Frank 18/10/1978 67.91 65.48

    ESP Pestano Mario 08/04/1978 69.50 65.74

    EST Israel Märt 23/09/1983 66.98 64.40

    EST Kanter Gerd 06/05/1979 73.38 66.02

    EST Kupper Martin 31/05/1989 65.03 63.33

    GER Harting Robert 18/10/1984 70.66 68.47

    GER Jasinski Daniel 05/08/1989 65.98 65.98

    GER Münch Markus 13/06/1986 66.87 64.54

    GER Wierig Martin 10/06/1987 68.33 66.59

    GRE Trémos Yeóryios 21/03/1989 63.00 63.00

    HUN Kővágó Zoltán 10/04/1979 69.95 65.82

    HUN Szikszai Róbert 30/09/1994 63.20 63.20

    ITA Faloci Giovanni 13/10/1985 64.77 62.07

    ITA Kirchler Hannes 22/12/1978 65.01 63.33

    LTU Abromavičius Aleksas 06/12/1984 63.32 62.58

    LTU Alekna Virgilijus 13/02/1972 73.88 65.76

    LTU Gudžius Andrius 14/02/1991 66.11 66.11

    MNE Furtula Danijel 31/07/1992 64.60 62.19

    NED Cadée Erik 15/02/1984 67.30 65.24

    POL Małachowski Piotr 07/06/1983 71.84 69.28

    POL Urbanek Robert 29/04/1987 66.93 65.75

    RUS Butenko Viktor 10/03/1993 65.97 65.89

    RUS Sidorchenko Gleb 15/05/1986 62.55 62.47

    SWE Arrhenius Leif 15/07/1986 64.46 61.19

    SWE Arrhenius Niklas 10/09/1982 66.22 62.83

    SWE Härstedt Axel 28/02/1987 62.43 62.43

    SWE Ståhl Daniel 27/08/1992 66.89 66.89

    UKR Semenov Oleksiy 27/06/1982 65.96 64.44

  • Tight battle after Harting. I would like to see the Estonian make some noise. It will be tough for him to top Małachowski but I think he'll do it.

    1.) Robert Harting (Germany)
    2.) Gerd Kanter (Estonia)
    3.) Piotr Małachowski (Poland)
    4.) Martin Wierig (Germany)
    5.) Daniel Ståhl (Sweden)
    6.) Mario Pestano (Spain)
    7.) Frank Casañas (Spain)
    8.) Erik Cadée (Netherlands)
    9.) Martin Marić (Croatia)
    10.) Robert Urbanek (Poland)

  • Even though Malachowski is top on the 2014 discus list, 2012 EC winner harting has to be the favorite. Our Polish hit his 69,28 in May, a long time ago. Whether he injured, training hard or tired, he's living around the 66m line these days. Harting 68,47 shows his fitness in this 'off' year and is a proven winner. Maríc's 67,92 marks him 3rd on the world list, but not 3rd in the prediction list.

    The big question is can Alekna or Kanter win a medal? Let's hope so.

  • defending champion - Robert Harting (GER) 68.30m (224' 1")
    2014 Euro list leader - Piotr Malachowski (POL) 69.28m (227' 3")
    European record - [articledefinition=1]Jürgen Schult[/articledefinition] (GDR) 74.08m (243' 0")
    European championship record - Piotr Malachowski (POL) 68.87m (225' 11")

  • European Athletics - No barrier too much for high-flying Harting

    The good news for Robert Harting is that an hour after the discus final starts at the European Athletics Championships in Zurich on Wednesday, the women will line up for the 100m hurdles.

    If all goes to plan with Germany’s field-eventer supreme, there may just be a few barriers left out for him to launch his impressive frame over should he retain his title.

    Let us not forget the scenes when he took gold at the Olympic Games in London just a few weeks after that European Athletics Championship glory in Helsinki when he went soaring down the home straight, leaping the hurdles, with the national flag draped over his back.

    And if Harting, 29, wins again, the lap of honour will be from only the second man in the history of the championships to retain the discus gold medal. The other to have achieved the feat was Italian Adolfo Consolini who won three times in a row - in Oslo in 1946, Brussels in 1950 and Berne in 1954.

    At this moment in time, Harting sits second on the European Athletics rankings with 68.47m from Hengelo in June, with his great adversary, Poland’s Piotr Malachowski, leading the lists with 69.28m, and the competition could end up being a duel between the pair of them.

    Malachowski, 31, was European champion in Barcelona in 2010 but since then Harting, who was second four years ago, has flexed those huge muscles and monopolised the event. He is now a three-times world champion to go alongside his Olympic and European crown, the latter won in the rain of Helsinki with 68.30m.

    Born in Cottbus, gold had eluded him at the major junior events but as he moved up the age ladder, everything changed. His first major title was at the European Athletics U23 Championships in Erfurt in 2005 when he won with 64.50m, a template for the future because the man in silver with 63.99m was Malachowski.

    If he keeps his crown, it will come in a year where he has also had to steer his mind away from the sporting arena.

    As he told European Athletics after his victory with 67.42m at the European Athletics Team Championships in Braunschweig in June, it is unlikely he will match his 2012 personal best of 70.66m. But with good reason.

    Harting said: "70m is the golden line for the discus throwers and this year I would love to do it. But I have been doing a lot of studying, writing and speaking my exams. I study at the University of Arts in Berlin in communication, social and economic content."

    Not that it will affect him at the Letzigrund Stadium because he added: "I want to hold my title in Zurich but it may be a hard fight again with Piotr."

    Equally, he will not panic if he is not leading the competition after the opening series of throws.

    It was in the fourth round in Helsinki where he launched his winning effort before his fifth round distance of 68.27m brought Olympic gold in London and then, last summer at the IAAF World Championships in Moscow, his fourth throw proved decisive again with the gold medal-mark of 69.11m.

    Whatever the throw, as long as it's gold for Harting, standby for a celebration to remember.

  • Discus Men (2,000 kg)
    Anand Track & Field Equipment ATE, Indra White, steel rim, ABS body White
    Denfi Sport Space Traveller, black plated steel rim, plastic plates Black/blue/Black
    Nelco Super Spin Black, stainless steel rim, plastic sides Black
    Nordic Sport Gerd Kanter Edition II, stainless steel rim, fiberglass sides Orange/black
    UCS Orange Flyer Medium Moment, steel rim, fibreglass Orange

  • through:
    1.) Robert Harting (Germany)
    2.) Gerd Kanter (Estonia)
    3.) Piotr Małachowski (Poland)
    4.) Martin Wierig (Germany)

    6.) Mario Pestano (Spain)
    7.) Frank Casañas (Spain)

    10.) Robert Urbanek (Poland)

    Andrius Gudzius (Lithuania)
    Daniel Jasinski (Germany)
    Viktor Butenko (Russia)

    5.) Daniel Ståhl (Sweden) 24th with 59,01m
    8.) Erik Cadée (Netherlands) 13th with 61,18m

    did not compete:
    9.) Martin Marić (Croatia)

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