The 2nd Summer Olympic Youth Games

  • Does anyone know if this is legit? It's their second year and they just had qualifying. Why you would have qualifying in th emiddle of high school track season in the US is beyond me. It says 15-17 but the marks aren't that good for that age 178' in disc and 54 for best American in shot. Is this a deal where kids pay their own way financing some coach's vacation?

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    Unfortunately the Youth Olympic Games are still very small and limited for athletes. This means they have to figure out a way to allow only the "best" athletes to go.
    Hence, every country can send x amount of athletes to the qualifications which you can compare with the US trials for example. At those trials the best x amount of athletes are allowed to go.
    If they would not do the trials that early the countries might face problems with visa and such.
    For the European athletes those trials are from 30th of May - 1st of June 2014 in Baku, AZERBAIJAN.
    European Youth Olympic Trials – Baku2014


    In 2007 the IOC decided the introduction of Youth Olympic Games for young athletes of all Olympic sports. The IAAF has been mandated by the IOC to draft the qualification criteria and quotas for all areas. IAAF decided to request all areas to organise qualification event(s) for the Youth Olympic Games 2014.

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