Official Implement Lists | Olympic Games, World Championships etc.

  • European Championship - 2014 Official Implements List

    Bayerische Sportstätten (BSS) BSS Carbon, steel rim , carbon plate, black
    Nelco Odyssey, stainless steel rim, plastic sides, white
    Nishi Athletic Goods Super HM, steel rim, FRP sides, purple/black/white
    Nordic Sport Super Spin, brass rim, plastic sides, black/gold
    Polanik Carbon, brass rim, carbon sides, blue
    UCS Purple Flyer High Moment, steel rim, fibreglass plates, purple

    Anand Track & Field Equipment ATE, Indra White, steel rim, ABS body, white
    Denfi Sport Space Traveller, black plated steel rim, plastic plates, black/blue/black center
    Nelco Super Spin Black, stainless steel rim, plastic sides Black
    Nordic Sport Gerd Kanter Edition II, stainless steel rim, fiberglass sides, orange/black
    UCS Orange Flyer Medium Moment, steel rim, fibreglass, orange

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