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  • I had a 20.33 ( 66' 8 ) high school thrower in 1991 and our standard workout was 50 throws. They were all throws with a 10 lb shot not the 12 he threw in meets. We had a bucket with 5 in it and he'd throw a set of 5 at a time then go get them. We also lifted first and then threw because we had to. This is not what I would do now but it worked then. He also hit that pr at the national championship meet ( Keebler ). I will say we only did that because he was a spinner. I've seen many guys hit workout prs 30 or so throws into the workout because it doesn't take much out of you. I think a glider is fried much sooner. We were also throwing only shot one day and only discus the next at that time.

    Fine with me. I'm sure Tony doesn't care. I can't speak for Don.

  • Holy Hell! 50?!?! Maybe between med-ball drills, warm-ups, and a dozen throws at 90-100%

    50 throws at full effort... My arm would fall'd be giving an 'old' guy a whole new working definition of cardio, lol...and maybe an AMI to follow. 20/25 is usually my limit before I see significantly diminished gains. If I decide to go over 20, I'll switch to the 14; because now you're talking about possibly introducing some new bad habits due to exhaustion.

    However, I'm thinking about implementing an old concept from back guessed it...the 60s....pioneered by Randy Matson's coach. The concept is to keep training hard with your weights/whatever you do(PLYOS!!!) but to cycle

    1: 4weeks heavy shot(18),
    2: 4 weeks light shot(14),
    3: 4 weeks 16lb ball,
    record results...the principal here is speed vs power training. How fast is the athlete moving that arm(the 14) and with how much force(18)? This training modification addresses both of these.

    I realize in HS and college we have two- and three- sport athletes so this may not be ideal. But for me, I have the luxury of training ALL THE TIME. And if all they do is throw, this program will be a match made in heaven... After 10-12 weeks, there will be gains, believe me, try it, ya might like what ya get!

    oh, I'm starting this today... I'll let you know how the numbers fizzle, works for a lot of guys, I'm hoping to see an avg increase of .25-.5m per throw, on average, although I'm not going to measure each throw, too much work, too little time, only have 2yrs...

  • so are you saying that do not train with the different weight shots in the same session? We should just train with the heavy shot (or discus) for a number of weeks then go back to the lighter implement?. My son is only 9 and his throw weights are 500 grams (discus) and 2kg shot. I cannot see the point in going lighter than that for training. Only heavier

  • Believe me I would never try that with an "older" guy which in my case is anyone over 18. In 38 years of training guys I have found young guys can do almost anything. Originally in squat we went one heavy day ( Back ) one medium day ( front ) and one light day ( overhead or stepups ) a week. I'm talking full squats here. Anyway I wasn't happy with the results and switched up to two back squat days and two front squat days every week and the of guys over 400 a year doubled and we got a guy or two over 500 every year. Older guys could never do that. One b gut on the Juggernaut or Bingisser site said after 30 he was just as good but did half the training.

  • Hey Sam, no, wasn't thinking about the little guys, sry. I was speaking more to the HS and up crowd... They usually change the weight every few years when they're that young, right? 6lb, 8lb...but they have 4-5yrs w the 12 if they start in 8th grade I suppose.

    hey coach P, yep, you're right, I've got to commit 30-45min/day just to light plyos that promote joint stabilization. Ligaments that have been operated on/replaced several times (knees, I hate football now) need a lot of TLC if they're going to withstand explosive workouts everyday and throw 20+throws/day

  • Hey Sam, yeah, I'd say slightly heavier bc at those ages (under 14), the weight is changing every 2yrs. And kids are growing...keep it fun at that age, more about enjoying it, I suppose. Things shouldn't get 'ultra-competitive' til HS in my opinion...unless you're 'athletic helicopter parent extraordinaire'.

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