Which is Best Bench Grip for Shot Putters?

  • I know that many putters include close grip bench press taken down higher on the chest in their training programs (generally lighter weight than with regular grip) because it is closer to the actual throwing motion. Also from what I have seen from the shot putters I have trained with they generally have a little bit narrower grip when benching but not by much.

  • Alternating grip width, not from set-to-set, but from workout-to-workout, will benefit you by intermittently stimulating more fast-twitch fibers at different regions of pec maj/min. Although to make significant gains you WILL have to switch up between volume and strength routines every 6-8weeks, building true fast-twitch fibers happens in that 3-5rep range. And we want all the fast-twitch fibers we can muster.

    Make sure you're working on your back and shoulders...gotta have that 'platform' to press from. Remember, STRONG PULLS BUILD STRONG PRESSES. And you want to keep a balance between your rear delts/upper back and your presses. I'm currently experiencing a bit of an imbalance and it's resulting in very sore rotator cuffs, not pleasant. It's a balancing act, but anyone utilizing these guidelines can build a strong upper body.

    Last but not least, your triceps are actually the primary movers for the bench press...SAY WHAT?!?! Yep, no joke, I'll tell you why my working sets are at 500lb...bc of my triceps...I can pull 10-12 reps on a one-arm extension at 175/200lb, that's each arm...presses are mostly triceps. And you need to work all three heads. For me, this means three different exercises...lotta triceps.

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