Extra weight 'Fat' - Beneficial,harmful, or neutral?

  • Ahmed this is difficult: one principal states that the bigger the platform, the more force can be applied. Mmm...I don't necessarily subscribe to this bc you could have a 400lb man at 40% bodyfat with a 400lb flat bench/400lb squat that has no speed and no flexibility. I'd doubt he'd even hit 55' However, if you take the SAME man, apply the SAME strength parameters, but he is 300lb (at 15% bodyfat) and can MOVE EXTREMELY FAST BECAUSE HE'S LIGHTER AND MORE FLEXIBLE...he could throw 60-65'...something to work with.

    Bottom line...speed kills...pack on weight in building bigger fast-twitch muscle fibers, because you can move these and they'll support the throw. I know we see a lot of pigs at the world championships and Olympics from, say(I hate to say it), Italy. But they don't even make the finals...they're 'fluff'...literally. Like Arnold says...if it jiggles , it's fat, but we need some fat (14-18% is ideal) to gain strength. You're not going to pack on muscle at 8% BF. Not enough building-blocks to work with. Hope that helped.

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