How does one create speed through the Ring?

  • And what if speed is genetic gift?
    Some scientists believe speed has nothing to do with types of muscles (fast 1/2 or slow). Instead, they claim speed is related to thickness of spinal nervs.
    If they are right, it's the answer why there's no direct relation between throws and max. results in weight room.

  • I do agree that some athletes are blessed with more speed than others. But, I know that there are certain exercises than can increase the speed of an athlete. Especially in the discus, the more speed that you can create through the ring, the more power can be transferred into the discus at release... If speed is indeed a strictly genetic gift, then are some throwers just "screwed" from the beginning?

  • @Jake Stephens have you ever timed yourself from start of throw to end. I would be interested to see the result. Then maybe with your technique improvements you are going to make as per your video then time it again. Kinovea (freeware) lets you put a timer on it. I as a complete amateur have had a go it and I think you take about 1.9 seconds

  • If speed is indeed a strictly genetic gift, then are some throwers just "screwed" from the beginning?

    Well, this is just another point of view.
    And "screwed" is not exactly correct, you'll throw hammer instead. Like Olympic weightlifting and power lifting- first speed+power and second "only" power
    Typing this I expect to receive some expert opinions.
    But I can bet soon we'll know for sure if former soviet scientists are right about the speed ;)

  • Jake: if you have video capability, post a short series of throws (3 is fine). Speed IS king (although a certain strength base is required) and myself and others here can take a look to see how you can optimize your drive, transition to power position, and launch/release. I'll recommend plenty of speed drills, as I am sure other will, as well.

  • 1. There is speed and there is speed. Speed from the start of the turn when the rt foot lifts off to when the left foot unseats ( pushes off ) has MUCH less relevance ( almost none ) to distance as compared to the speed with which the left pushes off and the time it takes for that foot to hit power position.
    2. Correct technique repetition builds speed. Watch anyone who does a repetitive task. I've seen video of women factory workers who can grab an apple in one hand, grab a wax paper with the other hand, wrap the apple in wax paper and box it in a fraction of a second. You can't even follow their hands. Why , because she has done it a hundred thousand times. Danek (?) said 10,000 throws a year was the key. Malcom Gladwell in his 10,000 hours essay has the same point. If you put in a ton of correct practice trying to get faster, you will.

  • ...echo what Bill said. Personally, I throw ~25throws daily which is close to 10k/yr, although I can say that I was taking more than 40, 6 days/wk for ~3months before my first comp in 10yrs(Dec) and, for the most part, produced a favorable result. Now I can say I was a bit obsessive and excessive(~3500throws in 3months).

    While I'm not a disc expert, per se, I can tell you that the axis around which your body rotates is moving relatively midline, bisecting the sector(straight down the middle), as it should. Throws 3&4 were your best. Look at your own tape, you do this little bounce-and-shimmy, the hop...feet need move directly to where they are going. All the excess movement and energy spent doing them during execution is taking away from the throw itself...and slowing you down marginally. Your right foot looks good, but you may be extending into too long a stance. It looks like your left leg is reaching to the front of the circle, just fall to a natural open athletic me that 8-12" at the front that you don't cover doesn't mean jack, if anything, it's room to stay in upon your reverse.

    And don't cock your wrist upon delivery/release...saw you do that a few times. You want to throw THROUGH the implement, not pitch it at an angle; this aint golf and your hand isn't an angled hunk of titanium...straight through the saggital plane if that implement, at the angle you want it to travel. A release from any other plane=an unstable throw(not far/flies funny).

    Another thing...your blocking arm is not 'wrapped' around your body ready to execute the most effective counter-balance to your throw. This is what coach Wilkins means by the 'effortless' throw...the legs/hips/opposite arm are doing all this work that the throwing arm itself feels nearly effortless in its function, i.e., there is no overexertion of the throwing arm.

    Try these small adjustments and like coach P said just throw often. I throw shot in my sleep, I dream about it, live eat and breath it. Do THAT and you WILL get faster, stronger, and throw MUCH farther.

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