Elite Shot Thrower New York... Who is He?

  • Hey everyone, Florian asked me to re-post a previous email I sent out to him, I copy-pasted it from his email to me:

    Hi. I
    wrote a comment earlier trying to find out the name of a shotput thrower in New
    York: Hi. I have a question about a guy throwing in upstate New York, Ithaca. I
    havn't seen him in these pages and I come here a lot and I'm not sure who he
    is, hoping to find out. I also looked on USATF. I throw the high shool shotput
    and I thought Id seen everything before two days ago. There was this Huge guy
    with a beard after track practice let out filming himself in the shot circle.
    He was just doing standing throws over the 55feet line. I walked up and tried
    to talk to him but he didn't talk much. I asked him about his shotputs and the
    ball was a 16pounder and a 20. He told me when I asked his name was Mike and he
    graduated from Ithaca, but he said he was busy and had a lot of work to do, not
    time to talk. He was chucking this big hard heavy medicine ball around like it
    was a ragdoll and doing the spin drills but not throwing with the spin. I just
    stood there and watched him for like an hour, he seemed really anoyed. I asked
    my older brother Ted who went to my school like 12 years before me and he said
    he remembered a guy who was good in the shot in highschool, threw at states a
    few years, but then he changed his name or something and he never herd of him
    again. Who is he? Where did he throw in college?I've been trying to find out
    because this guy is really good and I was sure he competed in the big meets
    with the pros. over 55feet is like 17metres, and most of these guys are
    throwing like 20 or 21 in there meets, SO WHAT IF THIS GUY SPINS? We went to a
    throwing clinic at Cornell there's a thrower up at Cornell named Mozai that
    didn't throw neerly that far standing and he had one of the farthest shotputs
    in the US. They said he was going to the Olympics.But I've got to find out who
    he is, I really wanted to ask him some questions about throwing but he was like
    shrugging me off. If anyone at throwholics knows can you please tell me or find
    out. I hope I get to meet him again I want to learn from him, but he's not very
    nice. Please Id apreciate any help. If he's throwing that far, someone got to
    know who he is. Thank you Ben Toussaint

    oh and like I told Florian, if he's not on the Olympic radar, he should be, his speed of his spin is really fast from what I saw of his practice. I asked my coach today about him bc he didn't see him, but he said there's only one guy that he ever coached that's capable of what this guy was doing, then he goes 'your sure said his name is Mike', I said yes then he smiled nodded and looked happy than i'd seen him before, but my coach wouldn't tell me WHO HE IS. What's the big secret? he's got to be a pro, right? but he's not on USATF website

  • Update: Hi, Florian, so I spoke with my coach yesterday afternoon about the mystery shotputt thrower. He told me he IS trying to make the olympic team in 2016 for the US. He's the same guy my brother talked about. His name used to be Obelinger, Mike Obelinger. One reason he thinks he changed his name is bc he did several deployements w the military. My coach says he saw him in an unofficial meet this winter where he threw only 2 throws, both over 20m, best almost 21m! but it was some college open meet. He's not sponsored and coach said he competes unattached, not sire what that means(mental issue or something?), doesn't want anyone knowing who he is until he's ready for open competition and not to bother him while he's working out. I'll try to find out the name he's using now and get a picture when he's not looking, I knew it, this guys a beast and IS throwing olympic distances. I just want to ask him how he got so fast bc he has to weigh more than 300lb., it's like watching grizzly bear sprint lol how he does it I don know.

    One question:are a lot of olympic athletes like that?dont want to be bothered by fans or kids who want to learn?

    thanks florian

  • hi sam, no, this is a guy who' se using our field at my high school to train. I tried to ask him abou his training bc he's really goodprobably good enough for the Olympic team. But you cant just like walk up and talk to him he' s kinda mean, but coach said to just leave him be bc he's working. And I could tell he was concentrating pretty hard. Hopefully I'll see him next week and get a pic or two, maybe he'll answer a few training questions, I wish I could throw just close to that far, but I'm not nearly that big. I've never seen anyone in person throw that far, not even the guy from Cornell and he's throwing in the mid,high 60s.Just saying that if they said he was going to the Olympics in 2016 , this guy's definitely going.

    • Official Post

    I found it to be the complete opposite. I find throwers the most friendly and helpful people. People like julian wruck and Dane M. Miller' have answered my questions!

    Same here, everyone we talked to is happy to assist. There is no one actually saying "go to hell" or anything similar.
    The throwers are generally always there to help in any way.
    See for example in this forum. There are many throwers who want to assist and answer questions.
    @Julian Wruck @Tom Walsh are just the most recent examples.
    Always happy to answer questions.

    maybe you can just approach him again and talk to him. See what happens
    Keep us noted

  • Hey guys, yeah I thought about that, I'm going to try not disturb him while he's throwing. Thanks for the comments. I hope to see him there next week, my brother said he might be training at the universities in the area too, but I hope he comes back down to our field, I'd like to learn to rotate with some handson coaching, when he's right there, I'm not that big, but I'm 15 and I've seen guys that spin throw crazy far that aren't big. I'm like 5'9 and 170lb. my best is only 37', a kid my size only a year older threw 53' last season spinning, I was amazed, and then I see the youtube videos of highschool kids that size throwing like 55,57feet. no ofence but our coach isn't that good, everythings the glide and standing. I asked but he said he doesn't know how to teach the spinning shot, but that my best bet would be to learn from Mike. I tried some drills I saw on youtube but I must be doing something wrong. I need coaching, but it looks like he's the only one around here that could help me, I just want to lern but Im afraid to ask bc coach said he probably doesn't want to be bothered and he seems like he's mean

  • Update: hey everyone, I was so syched yesterday, the 'mystery shottputer" was working out in our weight room at the high school yesterday and answered some questions of mine, his name is mike jamorsti, not sure about the spelling of his name. He said his PR in competition is 20.93metres, but he's thrown back to back 23practicing. I think that's like the world record. Anyway he agreed to start helping me on the spin, he said I could easily crack 50' by next season if I do exactly what he says, I'm so stoked. Oh and I told him I was on this website and there's other olympic and pro guys here, he said he'll log on sometime, but I promised him no pics or viral vids, he said that's between him and his coach in NJ... Oh he said his coach is a former olympic throwin coach in NJ, don't know who it is but he said when he starts competing for real he wants to "shock and aw when he hits the big meets' and doesn't want anyone to know who he is before. Lol this is going to be so awesome, oh he said his height weight is 6'3and325, I saw him move 5plates on the bench like it was a toy, like reps, I can't wait he's going to be at practice Wednesday

  • Oh my, all this for little old me....? Mein Got... ah, sheiz egal...

    Ben, stop posting, I'll talk to you at practice Friday, direct all questions until then to coach Hunter. Work on what I showed you guys. And talk to your English teacher, your spelling and composition is about as good as my 10,000 time : ) Thank you, Benjamin.

    Hi, people, well this is a bit awkward, but neat, this is like the old RING from like 20yrs ago, lol, only better. To the people who replied earlier to the kiddo, no offense guys, but right now due to personal reasons and some larger issues, I'm staying under the radar; but I'll be out to play later this year when conditions are more conducive and will, at that time, have no problem with letting 'Odysseus' out of the bag. Also, don't take offense if I'm a bit abrasive, the world's going to hell in a hand basket and all we have are bo-peep politicians preaching love and forgiveness. When an 'uberman' raises his head or someone with some real visceral fortitude speaks up and gives it to them straight, people try to slap him down. And everything, to include athletics, are going in that same direction. Sorry people, we need a little reform here.

    As to what he said, 21m, check; 6' 3" 325lb, check; 8 reps flat bench with 495, check...but it's not a toy, that's a lot of weight, lol, my hands were actually numb after that set, have to see a hand specialist soon about my carpal tunnel, I've got 'old people problems' already : / yep arthritis is not fun, but I don't use NSAIDs...take away from the gains, no cartilage in either knee, 5 fused vertebrae in neck and back(survived blast concussion in '07), the list goes on... deal with it. I think that is what many athletes are missing these days, psycho-emotional toughness. Anyhow, ya'll found me (or I found you?), going to have some more fun reading and replying to some of these threads. Feel like a kid in a candy store...ohhh snap, how'd that get in my pocket? :saint:

    Tchus, kinder.

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