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    It is quite tricky what kind of supplements you are going to use.
    Not every product is clean so be careful what youre taking.

    For example the German Athletic Federation advises not to take any of those.
    This article is in German but just use google translator to read it.

    On the other hand as a thrower how would you be able to get all the protein you need to take in to gain strength...

    Kugelstoß-Weltmeister David Storl explodiert geradezu bei dem Thema. „Ich kann doch nicht zehn, zwölf Steaks essen am Tag“, schimpft er, nachdem er Meister geworden ist. „Nahrungsergänzungsmittel gehören dazu. So hoch kann man seine Ernährung doch gar nicht fahren. Ich müsste den ganzen Tag essen! Wer fordert, darauf zu verzichten, hat nie Leistungssport gemacht. Das ist, als ob man einem Formel-1-Fahrer den Reifenwechsel verbietet.“

    This basically means that he would not be able to eat 12 steaks per day (who actually could?!).

    Food supplements are needed and one thrower couldn't live without. He would need to eat all day long to support his body without those supplements.
    Furthermore, he says that who asks athletes not to take any supplements has never ever done serious sport. He also compares that with the Formula One not being allowed to switch tyres...

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