Is the Rotational Shot Put Technique the Next Step Forward for US Women?

  • @Rutger Smith

    I've seen Martinez throwing 20.75m - 21m (68' - 69') stand. But all gliders, Bartels too. Gliders just add up a couple of feet with their glide. Storl and Majewski add up a bit more compare to them. But improve the stand throw and the glide automatically improves too. There is a lot of knowledges about the spin in Europe, there are some great technicians. Not particular one coach who knows best.

  • @Rutger Smith

    Both the spin and the glide requires superior physiology and athleticism; and I bet most US spinners are stronger than the European gliders (also because the gliders are a bit taller). Because coaches don't have much time to work with their athletes here in the US making them strong fast is an solution. Which works in shot. You can throw that ball far with a bunch of adrenaline and power. When you have a decent technique. Only thats why discus stays 'behind' the last years here. Too much power throwers. But thats another topic

  • The most US throwers are stronger in the weight room. What I have seen the last 14 years. The Europeans are strong too, of course. It's simple: as I said, a big influences is that most of the European gliders are taller then the US spinners. In the weight room a disadvantage.

    And just comparing weights is nonsense. There is no difference of benching 230kg or 250kg. Doing 280kg in squat or 300kg. Its all about the power and speed what a thrower produces. In the end the shot is only 7,26kg…

    Every thrower has his/her strong point. His/her unique special ability to throw far. The guys we are talking about throw all around the 22 meters. The one has a higher release of the shot, the other has a higher speed of release.

  • Every thrower is different. However, it is my firm belief (and through experience) as both a thrower and a coach that people can change. Case-in-point: I glided til I was about 22/23 years old and only reached about 19m(my base strength and technique was 'schlecte afen titten' big time and I was always injured, SHOULDERS, OF COURSE). Today, I accredit this to piss-poor coaching and people who SAY they know what they're doing and DON'T KNOW JACK.

    Today, a decade later, I have returned to training, hit the weights and plyos with a vengeance that would rival that enacted on Black September by Mossad, and I've been throwing like a bastard, exceeding 20m (20.93m in December '13) in only 6months of work, mind you, yes, I threw for 8 or 9 years and had a decent knowledge base. These 'coaches' need to take their heads out of their 4-point-of-contact and quit taking these techy-geeky-experimental-strategic-yada-yada-yada approaches... lol... I am educated at the graduate level, as well, but you are all way overthinking this. If a half-drunk chain-smoker (I've recently quit my badboy ways) can go to an open University meet, unattached, and whip two guys who ended up throwing at NCAAs (one who placed top-ten, I won't mention names) after only 6months on the comeback AFTER TEN YEARS away, something is wrong. I'm not telling coaches to go buy your kids a keg and a carton and 'go have fun guys!', but something is seriously wrong if we're not advancing our sport. Look at our sprinters! Jumpers! Middle distance! [articledefinition=4]Barnes[/articledefinition] threw 23.12 TWENTY-FOUR YEARS AGO, PEOPLE, WAKE UP!!!! I'll start a thread on what I do, give you guys a little insight, but from what I've seen thus far, as pertains to the men's shot, we're about to get dooped by the women of some third world country.

    Dammit, Brian, I'm going to fulfil your prophecy...SOMEONE WILL THROW 80 FEET IN YOUR LIFETIME, gotta be someone out there; hell yeah, kudos to coach Oldfield.

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