Hammer / Weight Causation

  • ... Has it occurred to you that what makes Americans good, negatively impacts the hammer (In most cases)? My opinion has always been, I should probably take the advise of the nations and coaches that dominate the hammer. If they are saying that's it's not good for technique and thus have zero contact or throw very sparingly, then why are people in the US insisting that it's beneficial? If your goal is to throw the hammer as far as you possibly can, doesn't it make sense to lean towards the opinion of little to no weight, even if it's not the popular opinion? Lance and his near flawless weight technique obviously were an awesomely badass anomaly. Find me some other athletes who say throwing the weight is good who have actually thrown far. To me, the argument that it's beneficial is void if you've never done it. I'm not bashing the weight. I enjoyed throwing it. But saying we'd still beat the Europeans even if they threw it as much as we do is a little silly. Keep the weight in North America where it belongs. No one is going to add weight to major competitions because the Americans are "good" at it. These opinions are for post collegiate athletes. Counterpoints welcome!

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