Gambling on the Indoor World Championships

  • Excellent article about fictional betting lines for the Sopot Worlds.
    World Indoor Championships Over/Unders

    No much mention of throwing.

    USA medals:
    "Two medals are a possibility in as many as six events (men’s shot)"
    "I see definite medals in the men’s/women’s multi events and the men’s shot put."

    World Records:
    "men’s heptathlon"
    "Ashton Eaton still seems like a safer better. He is much better than he was in 2010 when he broke the record in Istanbul... I expect a big personal best and thus, a new world record."
    "... although the men’s shot put isn’t completely out of the question."

    US finish[ing] 1st and 2nd:
    " It could happen in the men’s shot."
    "The men’s shot has David Storl and Tomasz Majewski so the odds of the Americans finishing ahead of both is very low."

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