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    In our training squad with [articledefinition=1]Jürgen Schult[/articledefinition] we used to simulate the competition by scheduling our tranining sessions at the same time as the competition would be.
    Furthermore, you should try not to think to much on every technical aspect. Try more to focus on 1-3 essential factors during your throw.

    But there are probably better advises or at least different ones from the world class and olympian coaches? Maybe even from the athletes as well?

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  • If you are competing in your home continent training at the same comp times is good. But we Americans usually have to go across the pond for major competitions. Over the years i have found that the athletes that function well in what i called managed chaos. These are the athletes that dont sleep well or eat on a regular schledule or train the same times everyday are the ones that tend to compete better overseas. The important thing is to simulate the body at the right times to fool themselves into feeling normal. Its all programming of training but its different at home and away.

  • I talk to my athletes about being Calm. I don't care for the word Relax, because the body is not truly relaxed as you throw. It is desirable to have a certain amount of muscle tension. So, part of throwing for us is to find the calm spot in your mind. For some it's a cool mountain stream, for some it's kittens and puppies. (I am not kidding) Everyone has that mental distraction that allows you to focus on letting your body do its job. Our procedure (with the same rhythm every time) might be 1. Listen for your name to be called 2. Grab the implement like you mean business 3. From the front of the ring, look where you're going to throw 4. Stride forcefully to the starting position, deep breath 5. CALM 6. Optional is to think about the first movement (position or cue) 7. Explode
    These things are so simple, you might say. However, repetition in practice and competition stops one from negative thoughts or getting some form of a Yip.

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