how to keep up training with a knee injury

  • Hi Everyone! I`m in a bit of a pickle because of this little problem.

    I have a knee injury (right knee) and I have been told by doctors that I tore two ligaments ( if I had torn two ligaments I would not be able to walk) however though my knee cap slides downward when I stand up. I have a knee cap brae which I wear to practice always. For a while now throwing did not bother my knee and nothing serious happened until I did one slow movement and it popped out of its place. Its been hurting since then, and I haven`t been able to practice throwing.

    Im wondering even though I can`t throw because of my injury (which makes me devastated because I love throwing) if there are any exercises I can do to maybe help my knee become stronger or should I just stay off it for a while?

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