Building your own indoor platform

  • I'm in the process of building an indoor shot put ring for my high school throwers. I need some advice on what kind of finish/paint to put on the plywood to make the throwing surface suitable for gliding and spinning. Thanks in advance for the insight.

  • Hi all!
    We have a toe board mounted to a wooden "outline" It folds in half and is placed on the floor. Our problem is the floor area for throwing is rubberized and very tough for gliding and rotating. It's also placed in a different area for competitions which has an electrical outlet in the middle of the area and the board moves with every hit to the toe board.
    My idea is to build a platform and put the circle onto the top. I'm hoping to make the surface decent for gliders/rotators but not have the whole apparatus move when hitting the toe board. I need to cover over that electrical outlet without it causing a problem.

    Suggestions? I thought of a slightly raised surface and it must be portable.

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