Throwing Into Nets/ Curtains

  • Net throwing has it's good and bad sides!
    (1) You can get more reps off 50-60 throws in an hour
    (2) It usually WARMER inside :)
    (3) You can throw at any time as their is usually lights etc
    (4) You can wear shorts and a T-shirt and then its easier to work on Technical stuff
    (5)No walking thru the Ice & Snow
    (6) Staying warmer helps you have a better movement
    (7) Nicer situation for the Coach

    (1) You don't get the joy of seeing the implement fly & getting feedback on distance etc
    (2) When your inside so is every other sport so you have to deal with a lot more idiots!
    (3) safety I always worry about the strength of the net and the Implement getting loose
    (4) Also I fear the Ball or disc coming back and hitting the Athlete as the net is so close
    (5) Personally I like the isolation of the outside your on your own!! NO other people are outside!! its quiet you dig out the circle and make a trench to walk out and get the implements. I feel it does make my kid tougher mentally e.g like if it rains in a meet etc

  • Coach Smith, Yeah I was reading the Question wrong! In the cold regions of NY I only have a field & a cage so no real chance of Throwing into a net! Great Job with the Girls Jeneva & Gwen! I met them last year at the Millrose Game's and they were very nice and took a picture with my 2 year old son. Very strong & fast I think Gwen's throw last week was a super rotation. Hopefully both girls can be in the 75+M range this year nice Job Coach :)

  • Paddy,
    I grew up in northwest indiana (portage) and the net was a big part of training. Usually november to march because of the weather back during the 70s and 80s. The girls are doing well and both with only 5 years of hammer training are in a good spot. Hammer is just time and reps. Make the heavy ball go far, make the light ball go far and the comp ball will go far. Nothing hard about hammer, we just make it that way as a country.

  • I live in a warm weather area and we have been throwing for six weeks now and we have not taken one throw that wasn't into a net or a wall. We get more reps, much more concentration on technique. We will probably start throwing out of the ring next week, our first meet is in three weeks.

  • I for one really enjoyed the net and actually, we threw into a tarp. I can still remember the sound it made when you really caught a nice throw. I have also seen people use 2x6 boards bolted together with a few layers of old carpet between them. Put an old matress below it in the garage and you can throw outdoor implements into it.

  • Here is a video of Gordon #Wolf throwing the discus inside:

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  • I did before I tore my ACL and meniscus 6 weeks ago! Literally hours before that I had a session. All fall and winter worked on discus technique- helped tremendously.

  • I've been using grape bird nets which I got free from vineyard when they got holes. Wired up to shed roof about 6-8 layers on top of each other and had whole team throwing into it for 3 years with no problems. Wouldn't be without it.

  • yes I find it is great. Can do 30 throws in less than 10 mins. Probably take an hour to do at track with the collection involved. One slight issue I am thinking is that you may not notice something wrong in your technique as you cannot see the result of the throw. Although I am pretty confident it would be training you to throw straight

  • If anyone is still looking at this thread...

    I am in the process of making a net system at the college where I coach. I am curious what people use for materials, and if you are in the USA, where did you source your materials?

    we are currently looking at netting as a option, but I am curious if anyone has done canvas, and does it hold up to full throws (sp, hammer, disc)?

    thanks in advance,

    -Brandon Gruver

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