Broken wrist throwing the shot.

  • I have been throwing for about 3 years now. Started my junior year in high school and I am now a college sophomore. HS shot PR: 54'0" HS disc PR: 177'9" College shot PR: 55'3" College Disc PR: 163'7"

    I've had all the routine injuries like sore shoulders and knees, but 5 months into switching to the 7.26kg, I broke my scaphoid (a carpal bone in the wrist). I'll admit that I wasn't pushing the shot well, and thats most likely the reason I broke it. I had surgery, recovered, and was cleared to throw. I trained my ass off over the summer, fixed my pushing problem, progressed tremendously in the shot, and was fixing to have a great season. I had a follow up x-ray on my wrist and discovered it was broken again. So now I'm recovering from my second surgery in the past year.

    I have never heard of anybody breaking their wrist while putting the shot. Has anybody else experienced this kind of injury, or do I just have a bitch wrist?

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