High Jump video | Best of 2014

  • Awesome vid. People should pay attention to what is happening now at the high jump pit. Spectacular things. That Barshim jumping 240 in eugene, is a good example of jumpers and throwers are not very different at heart. We like to yell and celebrate that we are alive and loving the sport we do, chilling the day and then explode at the court. Gotta love explosive power, nothing quite like it.
    Thrower and jumpers don´t fit in the traditional comprehension of beauty, BUT WE DON´T CARE! We are gorgeous and we know it. We are not the narcissistic sissyboys league like the sprinters who spend their time watching themselves´s from the mirror.
    Sorry about the nearly angry tone there. Just came back from training and did some sprints and sprinters acted like they owned the place. When they ran to the end of the track they walked slowly back by the track and there was people waiting to run too, they could easily have jumped to the side of the track like everybody else, but no. And no it wasn´t their reservation it was for everybody.
    And the point........can totally relate to jumping events

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