Olympic Sports Cuts at Universities

  • Hi, my name is Justin Berg. I currently attend Temple University in Philadelphia, Pa. Early December Temple decided to cut men's track and field as well as 5 other sports- men's and women's rowing, baseball and softball, and men's gymnastics. Temple News wrote an article that goes more in depth about my situation. With this I am trying to create awareness about the current state of Olympic sports at the university level. Recently, many universities are choosing to cut their men's track and field team; however historically, men's swimming and most notably men's gymnastics have been targeted. In some research I have found the excuses for cutting men's track/Olympic sport programs revolve around budgeting issues, facilities, and Title IX.


    please share the article! That would be greatly appreciated.

  • Education is drowning under the stress of lax tax laws in the US. As tax revenues continue to dry up the issues at the k-12 (U19 years olds) are now becoming evident at the state colleges and universities. A tiny group of people controlling a huge % of resources.

    Cuts will continue to be made until we're forced into a European system of club sports... IMO this will be for the better.

  • How likely would it be for the sports to start disappearing all together? There isn't much of a professional outlet for these sports in America, and with out university funding there is another incentive for athletes to not continue. IMO I think track and field (along with other Olympic sports) could be turned into revenue generating sports. If they were taken seriously, given time to develop a strong programming style, and properly advertised, they would succeed. To me getting these college sports on tv could create more professional outlets- which would definitely help out USA Olympic teams.

  • In my area the issue comes down to money being short in the classroom but ample on the playing fields. The USA cannot continue to take tax dollars from the student body to be used by a proecious few.

    Sport is great, and a lifechanging activity, but is too exclusive to sap dollar$ and resources from math, art,science and the languages.. Especially at the university level.

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