A New Way For Young Shot Putters to Learn

  • Hey everyone!

    I've always thought that young shot putters could really benefit from learning the rotational technique early on. I'm a young thrower myself and the spin has helped me throw a lot further. I'm right now ranked in the top 20 for shot put worldwide. When I first started throwing though, I couldn't find a method of learning the spin so I had to figure it out on my own. I think that's something that the throwing world is lacking. A simple, easy way for young shot putters to learn the rotation. I've recently written an eBook that does just that, with written lessons and videos. I think it's a lot easier for an inexperienced thrower to relate to someone who's young and was just like them not long ago. Tell me what you think! You can find out all about it at this link:


    I'd really appricete some feedback on this. Thank guys! :)

  • well done. Kids are forced into glide because coaches do not know rotation. I cannot understand why someone would rotate to do discus yet do a completely different style for shotput

    Well some people just don't succeed with the rotational shot. I have a good friend who throws horribly with the rotational shot but at okay with rotational discus. So for some people their bodies and how they throw would benefit them more to glide in shot and rotate in discus. Its the same deal as some people are incredibly good with glide and others can throw further with rotation. Just depends on the person and their body coordination.

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