5kg, 12lb or 6kg Shot Put Conversion to 7.26kg

  • From what I read from shot put history the top quality of the men throw the 7kg shot put much farther than there marks as a U18 competitor. Of the US high school's best putters they do not grow into Olympians. I think Crouser will be an exemption. Many people see a 3m-4m difference. Of course this has much to do with the size of the boy when he becomes a man and how long he stays throwing.

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    Recent history:
    Hayden Baillio
    • 2009 (75' 4¾") 12lb
    • 2010 18.65m (61' 2¼") 7kg

    Stephen Saenz
    • 2009 (72' 6¾") 12lb
    • 2010 (60' 5¾")

    Mason Finley
    • 2009 (71' 8¾") 12lb
    • 2010 (64' 9¼")

    Nick Vena
    • 2011 (75' 10¼") 12lb
    • 2010

    Ryan Crouser
    • 2009 21.56m (70' 9") 5kg
    • 2011 23.53m (77' 2¾") 12lb injured outdoors
    • 2011 19.48m (63' 11") 7.26kg
    • 2011 6kg
    • 2012 19.94m (65' 5½") indoor
    2013 21.09m (69' 2½")

    Jordan Clarke
    • 2008 (71' 3") 12lb

    Jimmie Pacifico
    • 2007 (71' 6¼") 12lb

    Dustin Brode
    • 2010 (71' 7½") 12lb

    Ben Glauser
    • 2011 (70' 4½") 12lb

    Braheme Days
    • 2012 (70' 8") 12lb

    Tyler Schultz
    • 2012 (70' 6") 12lb

  • Phil,

    I believe what you are after is how far apart these weights should be in training atmosphere? In the example of them all being thrown in a single development cycle? A general rule I was taught, have seen to be true, is 1.5m-2m per kg of weight difference. More often I find heavy weights to be closer to 1m apart and light weights closer to 2m apart.
    i.e. (9kg-16.00m, 8kg-17.00m) +- 50cm, and (6kg-19m, 5kg-21m) +-50cm

  • Personally, I think it comes down to strength and how explosive the athlete is. Also, how well is the thrower attuned to the weight? Is the increase in weight throwing their technique off? Often times, FLAWS DURING THROWS WITH LIGHTER IMPLEMENTS AREN'T AS GLARING AS WHEN THE ATHLETE STEPS UP TO THE NEXT CLASS: throwing heavy implements will exacerbate the flaws and the only way to work with it is to correct it...or get frustrated and quit...and quitting just isn't in my nature. How long has he/she been throwing? While my HS practice PR was only about 62', comps only in the low-mid 50s (12#) as a senior, my PR at 23 with the 16# was 19m(about 63'). After a long layoff, at 33, a converted rotational thrower, I can muster 20m+ throws. So let's throw experience in there, as well. More throws + more knowledge=better throws.

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