To Measure or Not to Measure During Training Sessions?

  • Do you measure your training throws? 42

    1. Yes, sometimes (26) 62%
    2. Yes, every training session (12) 29%
    3. No, never (4) 10%

    Hey guys,
    would like to know if you measure your training throws at all and if so how often?
    Every trianing session?

    I'm not sure if its good or not... it might have advantages or disadvantages?
    Let me know what you think

    I tried first time now the poll, hopefully it works 8o

  • Never understood why some coaches don't measure. Measuring your throws is as important as tracking your weights in the weight room. It's a scientific result of your body and the impact training has on your body. If you track it regularly you really can understand how yourself or your athletes react to different stimuli.

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    Interesting topic...
    There are often some throwers/athletes in general even who perform way better during training over competitons, otherway around as well.

    @Dane M. Miller
    I do understand it to a certain point. Especially if you have some athletes who are better during training sessions.. They see that they do good during training and later they cannot reproduce the good results during competitons... They might get dissapointed of themselve and quit even?

  • I measure throws every training session. My training programs are primarily based on my understanding of Bondarchuck's teachings. Measuring helps me find out what does and what does not transfer, how training loads affects my throwing performance, and how to schedule training to maximize competition results. Over time I have learned things like how much a weight lifting session will affect the next day's throwing session, how different training schedules influence results, and how performance differs when training after work versus a weekend day, etc. It allows me to fine tune my training and get the best results in competition.

  • i can understand why people would measure, like to keep track of progress. but in my personal opinion, what i do, i let the competitions measure for me and try to work on more technique than distance during my practices. if i have a spot in mind when throwing i tend to set aside technique at times and try to overpower the shot or which ever impliment im throwing and try to hit that mark. just my thoughts though. everyone works differently

  • You need to track practice PBs with different weight implements. Practice PBs point towrads meets PBs.
    In general, those that do not track weight room numbers are not working in the weight room. They don't want to admit how little work they are doing.

  • I thought I heard Dane Miller say on throws unlimited that they have a mini comp after each practice as well. Think this is good. You would need handicaps for the different standards of throwers.

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  • I don't really measure until a month or so before competitions start. In pre season I concentrate on lots of stand throws and volume overall, and technique of course so I don't measure much at all. But before the meets start measuring is a good way to be true to yourself and have reasonable expectations and goals.

  • I have tires set out in the field for throwers to hit on percentage throwing days. So yes every training session we are measuring by this way.

    I find the tires have also gotten throwers to push the right hip to the front to make it in the tire.

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