South African Shot Put/ Discus drill

  • my son who is about 135 cm tried doing a South African shotput and got up near his pb for the first time in months. As he is small he can stay in the ring in both shot and discus (which he throws further with a South African). I think he is having a problem getting enough drive into full rotational which South African resolves. Question if you disregard starting out of the back of the ring can shotputters/discus throwers throw further with South African than full rotational.

  • Is he pushing off his right-leg during the start?
    If so, he would be building energy for the throw in an unusable manner. This can result in farther throws.

    But pushing off the ground outside the ring is not like a real throw. I like to see the drill done with the right-foot starting next to the left-foot (with a right-handed thrower) and the right-toe pointing perpendicular to the direction of the throw. Then sweep to the right-foot to the center, like one does in a real throw.

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    Hi guys my son rotates in shotput and I suspect one of his problems is that he is too slow. Anyway been doing a drill with South African starting outside the ring like above. I have noticed amazing results.

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