Throwing Shoes

  • And the jury has returned...and it's going to be a new pair of zoom5 rotationals. The VS did not even last 3 weeks. They're torn up at he toes/forward outer(I hit toe boards pretty hard and often) and even after the rubber wears on the bottoms, it isn't 'fast rubber'. The heal is weak and low and I feel like they're going to fly off at any time. Also, I thought the notion of no plate in the bottom was a neat concept, but it turns out to be a problem while rotating, even maintaining a slow-out-of-the-back tempo. The only thing about these is they're about 1/3 the weight of the Nikes and they were pretty comfortable as I have very wide feet, although I expected even wider. But Nike wins hands-down. Sorry, VS, it was a good idea. Not sending them back as they look like they've been through a war after only 3 weeks (I'm death on my equipment). Out of 10, these shoes get a 1 from me; maybe someone could use this type of shoe??? ...but certainly not me :thumbdown:

  • I have wide flat foots and adidas is slightly wider. Nike is a tremendous shoe but adidas even lasts longer(had nike for ~5000 throws adidas shows now signs of slowing down at ~6000)

    @discusmidget are you talking about adidas throwstar or adi zero? Looking for a pair for rotational shot and discus. Just worried the sole dont look as thick as Nikes

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