Själen är Större än Världen | Björn Rickard "Ricky" Bruch film

  • Very very interesting documentary!

    I always watch it from time to time to give me that extra bit of motivation :P
    Anyone seen it? What are you thoughts on it?

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    P.s It's in sweedish but has english subtitles.

  • "After a few years away from the glare of publicity in the early 1980s, he returned to the spotlight at the age of 38 in the autumn of 1984 - returning to form, he managed a number of throws over the 70 metre mark. He achieved his personal record of 71.26 metres in November 1984 at a competition in Malmö. At the Swedish Championships in Västerås in 1985, Bruch was involved in a dispute with Anders Borgström, the team captain at the time. Bruch's willingness to speak his mind resulted, effectively, in his career being over."

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