Glide v. Rotational v. Others

  • Bit off topic but interesting hearing John Smith being interviewed on Throws Unlimited. This was because he saw Brian Oldfield rotating (who is thought to be the inventor). Anyway John said he was kicked off his High School 3 track and field team 3 times for using this odd method. It was as if he was doing cart wheel style!

  • rotation01.)23,12m75' 10¼"Randy BarnesUnited States1990Olympic Champion
    glide02.) 23,06m75' 8"Ulf TimmermannEast Germany1988Olympic Champion
    glide03.)22,91m75' 2"Alessandro AndreiItaly1987Olympic Champion
    rotation04.)22,86m75' 0"Brian OldfieldUnited States1975
    glide05.)22,75m74' 7¾"Werner GünthörSwitzerland1988
    rotation06.)22,67m74' 4½"Kevin Toth United States2003
    glide07.)22,64m74' 3½"Udo BeyerEast Germany 1986Olympic Champion
    rotation08.)22,54m73' 11½"Christian CantwellUnited States 2004
    rotation09.) 22,52m73' 10¾"John BrennerUnited States 1987
    rotation10.)22,51m73' 10¼"Adam NelsonUnited States 2002Olympic Champion
    rotation11.) 22,43m73' 7¼"Reese Hoffa United States 2007
    rotation12.) 22,28m73' 1¼"Ryan WhitingUnited States 2013World Champion
    glide13.)22,24m72' 11¾"Sergey SmirnovSoviet Union1986
    rotation14.)22,21m72' 10½"Dylan ArmstrongCanada2011
    rotation15.)22,20m72' 10"John GodinaUnited States 2005
    ukn16.) 22,10m72' 6¼"Sergey Gavryushin Soviet Union1986
    rotation17.) 22,10m72' 6¼"Cory Martin United States 2010
    ukn18.)22,09m 72' 5¾"Sergey KasnauskasBelarus1984
    rotation19.)22,02m72' 3"Dave LautUnited States1982
    rotation20.)22,00m72' 2¼"Aleksandr Baryshnikov Soviet Union1976
    rotation21.)21,98m72' 1½"Gregg Tafralis United States1992
    rotation22.)21,97m72' 1"Janus RobbertsSouth Africa 2001
    ukn23.)21,96m72' 0¾"Mikhail KostinSoviet Union1986
    glide24.)21,95m72' 0¼"Tomasz MajewskiPoland2009Olympic Champion
    glide25.)21,93m71' 11½"Remigius MachuraCzechoslovakia1987
    rotation26.)21,92m71' 11"Carl MyerscoughGreat Britain2003
    rotation27.)21,87m71' 9"CJ HunterUnited States2000
    glide28.)21,86m71' 8¾"David StorlGermany2012World Champion
    glide29.)21,85m71' 8¼"Terry Albritton United States1976
    glide (l-s)30.)21,82m71' 7¼"Al Feuerbach United States1973
    rotation31.)21,82m71' 7¼"Andy BloomUnited States2000
    glide32.)21,81m71' 6¾"Yuriy BilonohUkraine2003
    glide (s-l)33.)21,78m71' 5½"Randy MatsonUnited States1967Olympic Champion
    rotation34.)21,78m71' 5½"Dan TaylorUnited States2009
    rotation35.)21,77m71' 5¼"Dragan PerićSerbia1998
    glide36.)21,76m71' 4¾"Michael CarterUnited States1984
    ukn37.)21,74m71' 4"Jānis BojārsSoviet Union (Latvia)1984
    rotation38.)21,73m71' 3½"Augie WolfUnited States1984
    glide39.)21,70m71' 2½"Mike StulceUnited States1992Olympic Champion
    glide40.)21,69m71' 2"Reijo StåhlbergFinland1979
    glide41.)21,69m71' 2"Andrei MikhnevichBelarus2003
    glide42.)21,68m71' 1½"Geoff CapesGreat Britain 1980
    glide43.)21,68m71' 1½"Edward SarulPoland1983World Champion
    glide44.)21,67m71' 1¼"Hartmut BriesenickEast Germany1973
    glide (s-l)45.)21,63m70' 11¾"George WoodsUnited States1974
    rotation46.)21,63m70' 11¾"Māris UrtānsLatvia2010
    rotation47.)21,62m70' 11¼"Rutger SmithNetherlands2006
    glide48.)21,61m70' 10¾"Kevin AkinsUnited States1983
    rotation49.)21,61m70' 10¾"Joachim OlsenDenmark2007
    rotation50.)21,60m70' 10½"Jim DoehringUnited States1992
    glide?51.) 21,58m70' 9¾"Vladimir KiselyovSoviet Union (Ukraine)1984Olympic Champion
    unk52.)21,53m70' 7¾"Yevgeniy MironovSoviet Union (Russia)1976Olympic silver
    glide53.)21,51m70' 7"Ralf ReichenbachWest Germany1980
    rotation54.)21,51m70' 7"Maksim SidorovRussia2012
    rotation55.)21,50m70' 6½"Mika HalvariFinland1995WC silver
    rotation56.)21,47m70' 5¼"Brent NoonUnited States1995
    glide57.)21,47m70' 5¼"Aleksandr BagachUkraine1997
    glide58.)21,47m70' 5¼"Manuel MartínezSpain2002
    glide59.)21,47m70' 5¼"Ladislav PrášilCzech Republic2013
    rotation60.)21,45m70' 4½"Dorian ScottJamaica2008
    glide61.)21,44m70' 4¼"Mikhail DomorosovBelarus1984
    glide (l-s)62.)21.43m70' 3¾"Mike Lehmann United States1983
    ukn63.)21,42m70' 3½"Sergey DonskikhSoviet Union1984
    glide64.)21,42m70' 3½"Oliver-Sven BuderGermany1999
    ukn65.) 21,41m70' 3"Fred DeBernardiUnited States1974
    rotation66.) 21,39m70' 2¼"Arsi HarjuFinland2000Olympic Champion
    glide67.) 21,37m70' 1½"Ralf BartelsGermany2009
    ukn68.)21,35m70' 0½"Ron SemkiwUnited States1974
    ukn69.)21,35m70' 0½"Sergey Nikolayev Soviet Union (Russia)1989
    glide70.)21,34m70' 0¼"Roman VirastyukUkraine2000
    glide71.)21,33m69' 11¾"Hans HöglundSweden1975
    glide?72.)21,32m69' 11½"Heinz-Joachim RothenburgEast Germany1972
    ukn73.) 21,31m69' 11"Hans-Peter GiesEast Germany1972
    rotation74.)21,30m69' 10¾"Helmut KriegerPoland1986
    rotation75.)21,29m69' 10¼" Justin RODHE Canada2013
    rotation76.)21,27m69' 9½"Ryan CrouserUnited States2014
    ukn77.)21,26m69' 9"Pétur GudmundssonIceland1990
    rotation78.)21,26m69' 9"Scott MartinAustralia2008
    rotation79.)21,26m69' 9"Germán LauroArgentina2013
    ukn80.)21,25m69' 8¾"Hans-Jürgen JacobiEast Germany 1980
    rotation80.) 21,25m69' 8¾"Russ Winger United States2010
    rotation82.)21,23m69' 8"Paolo Dal SoglioItaly1996
    glide?82.)21,23m69' 8"Aleksandr LesnoyRussia2014
    glide82.)21,22m69' 7½"Lars Arvid NilsenNorway1986
    ukn82.)21,2269' 7½"Klaus Görmer GER1987
    rotation86.)21,2169' 7"Pavel LyzhynBelarus2010
    ukn87.)21,2069' 6¾"Josef KubešCzechoslovakia1983
    glide (s-l)87.)21,20m69' 6¾"Vyacheslav LykhoRussia1987
    glide (l-s)89.)21,19m69' 6¼"Władysław KomarPoland1974Olympic Champion
    ukn89.)21,19m69' 6¼"Vladimir MilicYugoslavia (Croatia/Serbia)1982
    rotation89.)21,19m69' 6¼"Peter SackGermany2008
    ukn92.)21,16m69' 5¼"Vladimir KisheyevSoviet Union (Russia)1988
    rotation92.)21,16m69' 5¼" Tom Walsh New Zealand2014
    ukn94.)21,15m69' 4¾"Karsten StolzWest Germany1988
    ukn95.)21,14m69' 4¼"Maris Petrasko Soviet Union (Latvia)1987
    rotation95.)21,14m69' 4¼"Yury BialouBelarus2003
    rotation95.)21,14m69' 4¼"Marco VerniChile2004
    rotation95.)21,14m69' 4¼"Kurt RobertsUnited States2012
    rotation99.)21,13m69' 4"Jamie BeyerUnited States2005
    rotation99.)21,13m69' 4"Sultan Abdulmajeed Al-HebshiSaudi Arabia2009
  • @Florian van Dijck @Robin Claes @ThrowerFanatic
    I just have a couple throwers left who I'm trying to find what technique they used.
    I'll post them later on today after training.

    Sorry for the delay for the response, have had athletics nationals recently and been busy trying to catch up on missed schoolwork! :thumbdown:

    We should make a list of the current top-50 or so.
    Help us out with the unk.

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