New Feature: The Marketplace

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    Hello everyone,

    Throwholics just added the new feature "Marketplace" to the social discussion board.
    As suggested by @Matt Marcoccia we also thought about adding a section at which the throwers can exchange goods.
    With the new feature, the marketplace, it is now possible!

    The marketplace is a place at which users can exchange goods. One user offers a certain product for example a discus, shoes or whatever you would like to exchange and another user who might be interested at this item can make an offer.
    If both parties involved accept the offers you can clearify with the conversation feature the payments and everything.
    Just to be clear, we do not offer any payments, we only offer the place at which our users are able to negotiate on exchanging goods.

    In order to be able to understand how the marketplace works we just added some more items to our "FAQ" list.…p/FAQList/31-Marketplace/

    Please have a look at those. If you come up with further questions or have suggestions what we also should include in the FAQ list please let us know.

    Your Throwholics Team

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