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  • Anybody else wondering about the NCAA's decision to keep the NCAA Championships in a nearly unreachable part of America the next decade, for most track and field fans?

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    Do you think the NCAA gets more money from it's Nike contract for hosting Nationals at Oregon for the next Decade than they would from all other revenue combined at another location? Tickets/Refreshments/Clothing/Etc...

  • No matter the for sure reason, Eugene Oregon has many people coming to watch athletics. They do not care the color of the vest. Just looking for competition. I think they like them all. With research I see this is not the case everywhere in the United States. Hayward Field has the history too. No place in the USA is close to everyone. Where would it be better?

    This is good for the students at the meet and I think they appreciate it. But they may not like so much chance of rain.

  • i agree with Sean Denard. when i was in college i competed at outdoor ncaa at 4 different locations, vastly different. during the time i competed as a collegian, there where 5 different locations. right now it seems that you can only compete at maybe 2 locations. Im glad to see that USATF is attempting Sacramento again. the Olympic trials went well there i has almost been ten years!

    i still fell Eugene is hands down the best place to compete. When you hear the students responds to the location, its surely slowly becoming stale for them.

  • I hope to be returning to Eugene this outdoor season. The facility is appealing and superior to most others, but I'd love the change of scenery AND atmosphere. Oregon offers plenty of love for both track and field athletes, but the experience is shallowed when you're exposed to just one facility.

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  • From an NCAA person on another discussion board:

  • I can see a future where, after three or four NCAA meets, the stands become full of 2nd and 3rd time attendees and therefore new fans. They originally came to see junior race and had such a great experience in Eugene they came again (and again... etc) because they knew what was going to happen had found a comfort zone.

  • One things that has to happen with the NCAA being in Oregon for such a long period is have better coverage of all the events going on. Have a camera per event that is going on. So if there is long jump, shot put, a distance race and say pole vault then online there should be a stream for each event. Not just one main stream where 98% of the time is the running event and then a quick glimpse at the field events and right back to the running event. It's track and field not track and maybe a bit of field if we feel like it.

    I'm sure like myself as long as I get to watch the event I'd be quite happy considering the lack of exposure of track and field anywhere. They can go full out covering the races just show the field events, please.

  • @Florian van Dijck I really don't know because I haven't been to many stadiums where they could/would hold the NCAA championships. I'm also a DII thrower so I won't come across many of them anyways. But with being the NCAA championships being in Eugene for so long I think it would be a good idea to do some additions to allow viewers to watch a particular event. So something like the throws all your really need is a fixed camera on the ring which could be mounted next to an actual cameraman who could assist if something goes wrong.

    With all of the camera technology out there in other sports and the money that Oregon has a few cameras and equipment isn't going to damage their bottom line.

  • The odd thing about the NCAA is their location in Div I, II football championship moves different locations.In Div III football it is the same location. In swimming all Divs they move the locations. With basketball in all divs they use the whole country till the final four. in Div II and III of track and field they move all around the country from California and Texas to Ohio and Nebraska. The NCAA track for Div I is an odd choice because you can't tell me that New York or LA could not host the championship. I do think Nike has been the curse and hero of track and unless the NCAA or the USITF start putting Nike in their place, Nike will remain the king of track in the USA

  • <p>I believe its because of Nike. Eugene was always track town and Nike supports all the meets in there.&nbsp;</p>

    <p>I dont really care about seeing other places, but the traveling is really bad it takes more time than travel to Europe from USA. Also, the WJC in Eugene will be some horrible travel experience for some countries (China, Australia, New Zeland, even Europe)</p>

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