Who Wants to be Recruited? Leave Your Vitals in this Thread.

  • The stability of the throws coach is important.

    The 2 top suggestions I got from Garry Calvert (jav coach over in Arizona)
    Don Babbitt Uni of Georgia
    Dave Dumble Arizona State Uni

    Those 2 are probably some of the best for coaching shot and discus rotational over in the states.

    Don Babbit coaches Reese Hoffa and Adam Nelson

    Dave Dumble coached Ryan Whiting and Jordan Clarke to last 6 NCAA titles

  • I am looking to get a 100% scholarship in USA. Do anyone know how long do I need to throw the discus (2kg) to get recruted? Also if I dont make it this year is next year still possible for me to get recruted or will I be too old? Do they concentrate to only one event or can it be combination of discus/shot put?

  • Do you want to put your name out there for coaches and not pay a recruiting service?
    Just post information about yourself in this thread. Coaches can message you through <social.throwholics>

    • name
    • hometown
    • current school and/or club
    • age
    • events and personal bests
    • anything else....

  • I was impressed wit Carrie Lane university of Nebraska. See interview below. She has coached Adam Nelson as well. The host Kristy Woods had lots of colleges after her as well

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  • • name: Irenej Bozovičar
    • current school and/or club: Gimnazija Jesenice
    • age:18
    • events and personal bests: 1.75kg discus 49.63m, 6kg shot 13.52m
    •I have only been training for year and a half. I'm 6'6 (201cm)tall and weight 240lbs (108kg). I'm from Slovenia (Europe). I trained volleyball before for 7 years. This season my goal is to qualify for world junior championship in Eugene. In order to do that I'll have to throw at least 55m. I know it is a big jump but I still advance very fast.

  • Been working with coach Smith recently. We exchange phonecalls and email. He's been extremely helpful identifying where my own weak points are, what to keep, what to tweak. His program is different from most any other coach you're going to find, but I can see how I'm going to benefit more in the long run. Just having the raw 'stuff' doesn't make you god-almighty. I recently came to the realization that to reach the level I want to be at, I needed help, that whole 'i train alone' thing only goes so far.

    Going to get over there and work with his training group later this year. I guess as of now it's Cory Martin and a few other guys. He has more NCAA and conference champs than any other active coach and he's coached multiple world-elite-level throwers...should tell you something. Therefore, If I were younger and had NCAA eligibility, as a shot putter, I would go to SIU in a heartbeat. Or the hammer...he's trained world-level hammer throwers as well. Hell, a throw is a throw, each different implement teaching you something different about the other throws...whether it be leverage, power, linear force progression...we both agreed on this, as I thought I was the only proponent of this prior to talking to him.

    As coach Mac doesn't coach for a university(and I believe he's still recovering from a recent AMI), he's not an option, although from personal experience, he's an awesome coach and has a lot of heart. He can be gruff at times, but it's just because he has a real love for his sport. I understand that.

    Personally, I'd go with John, though, as a student-athlete.

  • any chance we are ever going to see video of you?

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