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  • Sam,
    Jeneva McCall 74.77 hammer, 19.10 shot, 59.55 disc, 23.98 weight. Gwen Berry 73.89 hammer, 24.77 weight, 16.99 shot, Cory Martin 9th in world shot for the past year, Deanna Price 65. 45 2nd year hammer thrower, world junior team, J.C Lambert 67..09 hammer, 22.54 weight. Josh freeman 18.55 19 year old putter and pan am junior champ. All kids in a 200 mile radius. Thats the meat but thier a lot more young ones coming up.

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    Coach: Torsten Schmidt (38) PB 64,78m 9th at #Olympia 2004 Athens
    - Robert #Harting 70,66m
    - Christoph Harting 64,99m
    - Julia #Fischer 66,04m

    Former coach of that training squad was the national coach Werner #Goldman

    Coach: Armin #Lemme (1955) PB 68,50m
    Athletes Diskus:
    - Martin #Wierig 68,33m
    - David #Wrobel 60,63m
    - Heike Koderisch 61,18m
    Athletes Javelin:
    - Maximilian Buchholz 76,11m

    Coach: Jürgen #Schult (World Record holder 74,08m!!!)
    - Markus Münch 66,87m
    - Phillip van Dijck

  • Does T.J. Crater still coach @Ryan Whiting ?

    Young Throwers Use Chances To Meet The Elite

    By Siobhan Bauer 01/26/2014

    Throughout the past year, the throwers on the Husky track and field team have been fortunate enough to interact on some level with four world-class athletes... Aretha Thurmond... Ryan Whiting... Jill Camarena-Williams... Jarred Rome.

    Whiting has traveled to Seattle for some one-on-one work with Husky throws coach T.J. Crater, who has doubled as Whiting’s personal coach for the past four years.

    Crater began coaching Whiting before leaving Penn State to come to Washington in 2011. Once the duo started working together, Whiting recorded a ninth place finish at the 2012 London Olympics, a gold medal at the 2012 World Indoor Championships, as well as a silver medal at the 2013 World Championships in Moscow.

  • I train at PSU with my day to day throwing coach, Pat Ebel and my strength coach, Cam Davidson. I write my own throwing workouts, mostly based on feel. Pat Ebel has been great and is at every practice, Helping With Anything I need. I stay in contact with TJ and take training trips to UW once or twice a year for a change of pace. TJ has been awesome since I moved to PSU, he is at UW now but I send video and we talk consistently.

  • I am not able to discover this information through the web site.

    Who is training under the guidance of coaches Maurice Wilkins and Art Venegas at the Athletics High Performance Training Center in Chula Vista, California, USA?

    From what I've heard/ read:

    Tia Brooks (glide shot put)
    Joe Kovacs (rotational shot put)
    Liz Podominick (discus 208' 9")
    Jared Schuurmans (discus)

    I wonder if @Mac Wilkins still works with Krishna Poonia (India, discus).

  • @Tony Ciarelli graciously shared this on Facebook.
    What a great tradition in this training group from Newport Harbor High School. Plus, Olympian @Rutger Smith is currently training with them.

    5.44kg (12 pd) shot put list:
    21,12m (69' 3¾") Jim Neidhart 1973
    20,85 m (68' 5") Dave Kurrasch 1975
    20,65m (67' 9") Terry Albritton 1972
    20,47m (67' 2¼") Mark Stevens 1971
    19,67m (64' 6½") Ethan Cochran 2012
    19,48m (63' 11¼") Bo Taylor 2006
    19,02m (62' 5") Marty Taylor 2013
    18,77m (61' 7") Tony Mancuso 1992
    18,74m (61' 6") Wade Tift 1994
    18,31m (60' 1¼") Ryan Andrews 2011
    17,97m (58' 11½") Kevin Jefferies 1982
    17,75m (58' 3") Steve Michaelsen 2012
    17,70m (58' 1") Steve Gonzales 1994
    17,65m (57' 11") Cecil Whiteside 2009
    17.45m (57' 3¼") Skip Franklin 1974
    17.40m (57' 1¼") Beau Ralphs 1993
    17.24m (56' 7") Jake Taylor 2010
    17.17m (56' 4¼") JB Salem 2011
    16.99m (55' 9") Trevor Theriot 2005
    16.94m (55' 7") Javier Venegas 2012
    16.89m (55' 5") Trevor Lawrence 2011

  • Wu Tao , I coached all of the throwers on the list after 1990, I competed against Terry Allbriton and Jim Neidhart in high school, Jim Hemsley was the coach of the top four guys on the list and started the great tradition that we now have at Newport. Terry, Jim and myself all ended up at the University of Hawaii together, I was a javelin thrower by then, Terry ended up breaking the World shot record and Jim became the "Anvil" as a pro wrestler.

    @Rutger Smith is training with us at Newport and soon Seema Antil Punia will return from India to train with us also, I coached Seema for 2012 London Games. Seema is getting ready for the Asian Games and Commonwealth Games. With @Rutger Smith we are just seeing how his ankle heals, but our plan is to just get ready for 2015 season.

  • @Norm Zylstra asked me to post my training group, so I will. Brief background my dad was a track coach. I was a fairly good hs thrower when football didn't get in the way. I started about 5 years after @Tony Ciarelli coaching in the same area (Orange County). He was dominating at Edison from Hunt. Beach and my first goal was to become the Edison of North Orange County.

    I have had the pleasure of coaching a national champion, 2 state champions, and 16 CIF champions. So far this year, I have a 59' 10.5 and 160' senior thrower this year, a 56' 3 and 164' freshman, and a 52' 6 senior. I have been able to give Tony some competition most years sort of like Carthage to his Rome. These guys were all from my school, Esperanza in Anaheim, Ca.

    55 ' SHOT PUT
    66' 8 M. PARLIN 91
    61' 1 G. LONG 03
    61' B. POOLE 08
    60' 11.75 A. DAN 04
    60' 6.5 M. MILLER 11
    60' 3 JU. BIRRELL 98
    59' 10.5 W. TRUONG 14
    58' 3.25 M. KINNEY 90
    57' 7.5 T. JONES 01
    56' 11.75 C. UNDERWOOD 89
    56' 3 T. MCCULLOUGH 93
    56' 3 B. OSBORN 14
    56' 2.5 M. GRAY 03
    55' 9 M. BURNS 90
    55' 1 T. MCDONALD 10
    170 ' DISCUS

    203' 5 T. PENDLETON 00
    200' 9 M. GRAY 04
    194' 2 M. PARLIN 91
    193' 9 A. DAN 04
    181' 8 M. LOPEZ 10
    181' 2 J. PENDLETON 09
    180' 5 M. MILLER 11
    176' 2 S. JARNE 96
    172' 2 B. WOODS 98
    170' 10 M. JABLONSKY 04
    170' 4 J. STEWART 93

  • My daughter's claim to fame was she threw her weight. She weighed 112 and threw 131'. With the popularity of volleyball and softball club teams here, it's very tough to get girls. My best girl throwers
    Shot Put
    41' 2 K. THOMPSON 00
    41' 1.75 C. CHESTER 01
    40' 9 S. SAMPSON 99
    36' 6 S. KNISLEY 01
    35' 11.5 L. ALLEN 13
    35' 11.25 A. PARRISH 00
    35' 2.5 C. KOLLMAR 95
    35' 2 K. LAICH 00
    142' 2 K. THOMPSON 00
    139' 8 K. LAICH 07
    139' 5 J. BRICKNER 01
    133' 5 S. SAMPSON 99
    132' 2 S. JARNER 98
    131' 4 C. PENDLETON 01

  • Btw I don't claim to be a world class coach. I don't know why that's on there. I was able to pick up a lot of information from elite coaches like Art Venegas when I had a thrower go to UCLA, from Don Babbit and Dan Lange when I did clinics with them and from expert coaches like Lloyd Higgens, Coach Mackay, Scott Semar, and Tony C. I have had success because I am good at synthesizing the information into a form that works for my high school situation and developing throwers with workouts I also had a lot of imput on from the above coaches. Occasionally I come up something of my own.

  • Sandy, I coached two of my daughters, Maryn threw for me but was a much better weightlifter, at 63 kilos she snatched 80K and C&J 100k. My other daughter Katelyn was a discus thrower for me in H.S. She had a best of 148' she went on to Long Beach State and made NCAAs with a throw of 174', she is now the throws coach at the University of California in Irvine. Same problem as Bill since the mid 90s every girl that looks like a thrower plays volleyball! My top girls list is made up of mostly girls that look like weight lifters! 5'5" and under, the Heads sisters were both 5'2"
    47'5" - Gina Heads / National Junior Champion and Record holder in both Snatch and C@J at the time
    41'11.5" - Leslee Briggs
    40'6" - Cara Heads / 2000 Olympian weightlifting / 9 time Senior National Champion
    38'9" - Laura Wilson
    38'1" - Lia Rousset
    37'2.75" - Maryn Ciarelli

    149'5" - Cara Heads
    148'5" - Katelyn Ciarelli
    147'5" - Alana Faagai
    146'1" - Gina Heads
    136'0" - Maryn Ciarelli

    Since Bill put up his top 10 Discus list, I figure I should put mine up also. We have been competing against each other for about 30 years, our schools are about 15 miles from each other.
    for the non Americans we throw a 1.6 kilo discus in high school in the U.S.
    65.20 (213'11") Scott Moser
    65.10 (213'7") Bo Taylor
    63.90 (209'8") Ethan Cochran
    59.71 (195'11") Sam Lightbody
    58.36 (191'6") Brian Ruziecki
    58.01 (190'4") Marty Taylor
    57.22 (187'9") Cecil Whiteside
    56.74 (186'2") Kaleaph Carter
    56.41 (185'1") Steve Michaelsen
    55.77 (183'0") Eki Faagai

  • Sieg Lindstrom writes in the March 2014 T&F News that the are "... 19 current Chula-Vista resident throwers", with Jared Schuurmans the only male discus thrower.

    I find it odd that we don't know who else it training there.

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