Discus Grip

  • I have experimented with this grip s bit. A few notes:
    - lever is shortened a bit (likely not significant)
    - control while moving is increased
    - likely transfer more energy
    - transfer into spinning action is less smooth.

    Reading from the Facebook group post, some are attributing Okoye's ability to do this to him being a world class athlete, and it being a mistake...I DO NOT BUY INTO THIS. He may have had issues holding and spinning the discus and found this a better solution to apply force. He obviously shortens the lever a bit but there are so many ways other than this to shorten the lever. Lawrence is a great athlete, as are all world class throwers, but I consider him very technically solid as well.

  • Ive used both types of grip, and I prefer the tips grip! Contrary to what some say, the hook grip isnt so bad. For chronic early releasers, I think those people are more consistent with the hook grip. It helps bring the discus around toward the middle of the sector, in the finish. Sometimes, I throw with a hook grip during practice (when its cold out) to prevent the blister on my right fingertip from tearing open upon release of the discus. My discs flight very well whether im using the hook grip OR the tips grip. The distances are very much the same. I think its just a matter of preference.

    :thumbup:AyeJay :thumbup:
    Michigan State University Track and Field
    Discus - 59.78m
    Shot Put - 19.93m (2014)
    Hammer Throw - 64.51m (2014)
    Weight Throw - 22.74m (2014)

  • I remember when Lawrence was using the hook grip in 2012. Knowing his coach and those that were with him in training that year, he started using it out in America as he was ruining his fingers with the tip grip. This was, I believe, purely down to the enormous amount of throwing he was doing in the build up to the season.
    He switched to the hook grip so he could keep on throwing the amount he needed to since this grip took the stress off the tips of the fingers (which were the issue). He did lose a bit of distance immediately after switching to it, but he was able to continue throwing and continued it into the season with it as he had been training with it. I think his consistency of release actually improved as well.

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