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  • Those who understand all aspects of training will know what I am talking about. Those that don't will just argue. ;)

    Dont you think the new coach is looking forward for him to create a career and consider a training plan which is conducive?

    Not based on his last video....

    Heck, it wouldn't surprise me seeing him in a half pipe doing tricks to "aid" his throws. ;)

  • Interesting description to the video...

    "All NZL throwers and fans were expecting this since over 2 years : the shot put match between Jacko GILL , the world junior double champion and record holder , and Tom WALSH , the rising star of the event , NZL record holder and recent World champs Bronze medallist in Soppot. The medias made it a major event of the week end and were there in force in front of quite a large crowd , quite unusual for a shot put competition. People were even betting on the respective chances of the 2 champions and Tom WALSH was a 3 to 1 favorite of the bookmakers . Indeed nobody knew much about Jacko GILL state of form. Jacko , the loner , has now a large and mediatic "coaching and management team" . Is that really efficient ? He has physically changed so much that he is hard to recognize from the young slim athlete who was surprising the world from 2010 to 2012 and got everybody admiring his technique and speed. He has become Jacko the mysterious , always "preparing", never competing, or only in so called custom made "record attempts" with no serious opposition. Living on his "legend" but losing progressively his charism and his fans all over the world by becoming just the opposite sort of thrower that he was . And in Wellington , this was clear to see right from the warm up. Jacko is now super strong and much bigger but all this new strength does not get into the shot to produce speed and is only used to move his big body. And not too well, as his so much admired technique and speed are gone. The result is that he was finally not even able to break the 20m line not even more in the competition than he was in the warm up. He later told the medias that he was happy with himself by achieving the NZL Commonwealth standards. The young Jacko would have never been happy with himself with such a modest objective and result and accepted to be beaten by nearly 1m by Tom WALSH in such a circumstance. The young Jacko would have been able to challenge Tom WALSH and get the winning throw until the last round whatever the distance needed (in december 2011 for his 5th ever comp with the 7kg, he threw 20,38m in comp and over 20,60m in the warm up). The 2014 version was already beaten after the second round ! Well done for Tom WALSH and his preparation team ." HE" has now got the speed and the technique and "HE" is going to climb further toward the very top of the World hierarchy and the 22m line needed for possible international major victories. Behind the two "stars" there was a good fight for the bronze medal which was finally won by Dale PRITCHARD with 15,82m , just 7cm ahead from another promising young thrower , Ben CHONG WONG (18 y) 15,75m PB, with Jerram HUSTON 5th with 15,59m PB , then the "Samoa" evergreen Shaka SOLA 15,56m and Marshall HALL the discus champion who got 3 PBs to finish 7th with 14,72m. DP"

  • As Jacko's coach during several years until 2012 , I know quite well about his personality and all the dedication and huge work he has done to achieve what he has achieved. It was exceptional times, The problem is that I think he has done the wrong choices since 2012 with heavy body weight and systematic search for the maximal strength , also deteriorating his exceptional technique in the process as it is evident to see in this video. I am not "pillorying" him but I think it is the right thing to do to say the things clear and right and not accept poor excuses for poor results. Hopefully Jacko will be able to take it as a "friend" advice , because it is one !

  • Mr Poppe, I completely am in awe of your coaching abilities as evidenced by the huge pool of talent you have produced. I am also grateful for the array of videos you kindly share with the throwing community - they are valued training aids.

    That said, it is unfortunate that your comments about Jacko come across so negatively. I also noted the NZ press commenting that Jacko is less than affable etc. He is obviously quite a introverted character that in fairness, given his desire to train himself from 13, could have been foreseen.

    Rather than pillory someone who may well be having a hard time living up to the pressure of past successes, some encouragement would seem sensible. Despite his career, the very fact that the top 10 performers of all time are 23.12 - 22.50ish, suggests that 24m 5kg performance will not necessarily be repeated with the 7.26k.

  • Hey Everyone!

    I recently heard about Jacko Gill's 20.70m PB. Today I found a video of that throw on YouTube that I don't think many people have seen yet.

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  • @Sam Healy To me Jacko's technique looks somewhat slower and less smooth than he has looked in previous years. I think he may be sacrificing some speed in the ring for strength and size. My guess is that eventually he will regain some of the speed he had and throw even further. Also, he probably hasn't fully peaked yet so we could see a huge 21+ throw from him at the Commonwealth games!

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