"The Ring" archive entries from May 19th 2013

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    On June 1st we will be hosting a throws meet at Ashland Ohio at Ferguson Field. We will be starting the festivities at 1:30 with the men's hammer, then rolling from there with the women's hammer, men's shot, women's shot, men's discus, women's discus, and then men's javelin. If there is enough interest in women's javelin we will have a section but at the moment it is not planned. Masters and junior competitors are more than welcome to compete and there will be a $15 entry fee for the competition, you can compete in multiple events. Please email me at agkiii@yahoo.com with a heading of June 1st meet just to get a preliminary head count and see how many per event to figure out flights. It is always a good time and throws go far and hope for low gravity. See you there.

    A.G. Kruger

    published at May 19th 2013 7:50pm on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

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