"The Ring" archive entries from May 10th 2013

  • published at May 10th 2013 8:56am on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

  • Quote from Brad Reid

    I meant to add that I think Nuno, Tony, Donk, I, and others are on the same page here . . . just talking about the finer points of some of the physics of throwing.

    If you have a kid who is throwing way flat, turn on a water hose, have him hold it at release height and move the angle up and down to find the point the water squirts the farthest (it'll be 42 degrees or so), then, once he "sees" the effects of angles, help him find his best angle. br

    published at May 10th 2013 9:03am on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

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