"The Ring" archive entries from Apr 23rd 2013

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  • Quote from Greg Pilling

    My best power throws were 45-46m and my best full throw in competition was 60m with throws in practice (which since the power throws were in practice could be considered equivalent) at 62-63m. I would say that the biggest factor for my conversion of 14-15m was that I didn't throw power throws for distance, but rather as a warm up and for specific positions. I'm sure if I worked on throwing the power for distance my best throws could have been longer. I also did not reverse on my power throws but did on my full throws. I was also a quick thrower on the weaker end of the scale that didn't have the raw power to be able to get anywhere near a peak discus speed from the power throw. I just needed to have a longer path to accelerate the discus. I would say that the conversion set forth sounds good and is on the high end of what most discus throwers achieve and could be a beneficial benchmark for determining whether your emphasis in training should lean toward technique or strength.

    published at Apr 23rd 2013 1:27pm on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

  • Quote from FDthrower

    Thanks guys,

    I have a lot of really young throwers, and they are into both the shot and discus, and ask a ton of questions, and enjoy throwing a lot. The other day they wanted to know. thank you for all the info, and look forward to talking to the throwers tomorrow!

    Also random, but was curious if the Goodwill Games were still around, as with the World University Games. They seemed to be big in the 80-90's. Last time seeing Goodwill Games was in NY around 1998 or so.

    published at Apr 23rd 2013 6:18pm on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

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