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  • Quote from Matt Conly

    Norm, I started to incorporate a starting position similar to Wruck with a freshman that I am redshirt as a drill a couple weeks ago. She is a kid that generates a ton of rotational energy really naturally so I wanted to see how providing her with a longer path to generate rotational energy. The results have been really interesting. The amount of energy she is generating is fantastic but there is a lack of consistency with being able to the forces and hold things together up top before left foot contact. When she is able to handle its resulting in some great throws. I like playing with it as a drill if nothing else. But since the results have been strong in a short period of time I'm not ruling it out as a possibility for comp tech.

    With both Wruck and Cadee getting huge marks out of this type of tech I hope that people can start to think more progressively about technical models. At the end of the day, if you can find something that doesn't fit conventional thoughts, but produces great results for an athlete you would be foolish to scrap it because of what other people think. Allow your athletes to be successful. Whatever that may look like. People scoffed a little bit over Jacko's tech but it works fantastic for him. Maybe not for other very talented kids. I think there are some great free thinking coaches out there getting great results. I loved Mo Sataara putting his thoughts on shot put out there for people to see. Mo is finding things that work great for his particular athletes. Love to see that.

    Keep thinking outside the box!

    published at Apr 14th 2013 7:01pm on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

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