"The Ring" archive entries from Apr 12th 2013

  • Quote from Peter Lonsdale

    So nice to see big activity on the Ring. Everyone is right - Use of levers = important. Strength = important. What is more important - whatever you happen to be lacking I suppose, and technique issues seem more common. Like the David story, we see many cases of the good little guy beating the ordinary big guy.

    However David, at least as far as the story goes, did reportedly kill the giant with a pebble and flimsy sling, but if a shot or discus had been his weapon of choice, Goliath would have got the chocolates, and the head of young David, cause as far as I know, David's bench and squat were not up to par. He would have needed a lot more time in the gym (I know the bible doesn't specifically say this, but reading between the lines.......)

    published at Apr 12th 2013 3:26pm on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

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