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  • Quote from Kap

    I think a good drill/exercise for this young lady would be to do continuous turns on the track, to get used to the rotational action going in a straight line. When that's comfortable, try full throws on a slab, not the ring yet, and put a small towel or chalk marks to be a "puddle" for her to jump across @ left leg exit. This will help her get a little "air"/flying time and help timing of landing in throw position in the front. As she gets comfortable and skilled w/ this you can make a bigger "puddle" as needed.

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  • Quote from CoachMartin

    I think strength is something that Americans put too much emphasid on. All great throwers are very strong. Tony Washington already had the strength to thriw that far. It was already there and he put a big throw together. When throwers get to college most coaches want to get them strong very quickly while the are trying to adapt to a bigger implement. Long throws with the HS implement dont always translate well to college. Many a 70 hs thrower struggled to hit 60 in college. You have to view strength progression in yeard versus weeks or months. The gains are longer lasting and usually do result in injuries. Ryan Crouser threw as far as he did in high school because he viewed tech as more important than strength.

    Being 6'7" and an athletic freak never hurts either. :-)

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  • Quote from JBaer

    I am currently stationed at Fort Benning in Georgia. I am getting stationed at Fort Sam Houston in San antonio, Texas in August. I have spent the last 2 years away from the throwing/coaching lifestyle and its driving me crazy. I will have the time to actually coach when I get to Texas. I am looking into coaching at the High School level. There are a ton of schools in that area. Would any of you have any insight on some of the schools there?

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  • Quote from DangerousDan

    Obviously this is a complex issue (probably the reason it is one of the two constant Ring topics). You can say that American's put too much emphasis on strength, but I think that is over simplifying a scientific approach that deals with astronomical variables and variations. In the end, most coaches aren't searching for perfection but rather for a flexible and wide-reaching system for developing relative excellence. In my conference, a 17m put will win almost every year and 52m in the discus will win almost every year and 60m in the hammer will win almost every year. Because of my personal goals and my realistic sense of my limitations, I am not looking for a 75m discus throw but a sure-fire way of producing constant and consistent 50m throwers and 16m shot putters, and 55m hammer throwers. Maybe I am the good that is the enemy of great.

    published at Apr 9th 2013 4:54pm on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

  • published at Apr 9th 2013 9:19pm on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

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