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    It seems that Brad is the only one that understands the correlation of a lever, whether it be a rigid prybar and a leather sling. No natter what the materials used , optimum function comes via spreading the forces generated over the entire length of the lever.
    Too many use strength as a tool to contract and shorten muscles for delivery. It is the long lever that transmits the most force. Weight lifting should give the athlete the ability to stretch more in delivery positons and not the contrary.


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    Well said, Brad! So true on the value of the strength component when used as a true lever. I liken it to a rubber band. In order to maximize the value of a simple newspaper rubberband it has to be stretched to its maximum length with forces spread evenly across its length. No matter how fast or slowly we stretch and release the band, there is still a maximum ammount of force the band can accept. Strengthfor a thrower should be used in much the same way. The thicker the rubberband(muscle, connective tissues, etc) the more forces it can withstand at transfer when stretched to its maximum length.


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    It makes sense that discus throwers would be good deadlifters as a long levered discus thrower has a small range of motion in the dead lift and a very long range of motion in the bench press. A more interesting study would be the correlation between increases in the bench press and distance thrown vs increases in the dead lift and distance thrown. I have a feeling which would appear to have a great correlation.

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    Both leverage(technique) and strength (BP) have their respective limits. The problem is that we are much closer or even at the limits of strength. The resulting contraction movements of using strength to shorten the muscle also changes the delvery sequence and put the upper body ahead at some point in the throw. At this point, the length of the lever is comprimised. The length of the stroke of the bench press is not the leverage system I was referring to. It is the use of the leverage sysem around the the linear movement of the COG to the delivery point. It is the levers working together as a whole , not separately.
    The lever is much less of a threat to be maximized because strength acquisition is so important as a staple anymore. As I said before, I am a fan of strength but only in its use to stretch more effectively. The best technicians we have ever had only display this leverage in certain aspects of the throw. I dont know a thrower that has/had perfect tech from top to bottom. That is the good news. There is room to grow and expand past comfort zones and dispell misconceptions of the past.


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