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    I talk about this topic with my bro all the time....I find discus throwers are more likely to brag about being "weak" so people think they are better technicians or that they are that much better because they are weaker than others, etc. This happened all the time in college when I was competing. Shot putters from what I've noticed are less likely to do this. I've also noticed that most throwers seem to always report their bench/squat pr's to either prove how strong or weak they are. I've heard from a lot of throwers and have read on here or macthrow of throwers saying they have weak benches but then you find out their deadlift, or clean/snatch, or jerk or whatever is actually quite impressive. Everyone has their certain strengths or have a certain lift they are amazing at even if their other lifts aren't as good. I've come to learn from online message boards or talking to people and especially youtube that everyone seems to call or count certain lifts differently than others as well. Some people bench with a pad and bounce and use their back and others bench quite strict. Or some people squat with knee wraps all the time and don't go below parallel while some are raw and super deep. And alot of people don't include arm or leg length or height when it comes to certain lifts, because those do affect the lifts of some athletes. I guess what I'm trying to say is, it's hard to assess someones strength levels having never seen them lift and just hearing or seeing numbers thrown at ya. I think a lot of times throwers will say something like- well that guy only throws far because he is super strong, or has a huge bench....and I've been guilty of that too in the past, but...the purpose of throwing is to throw things far and lets say a guy does have a huge bench and maybe that is why he throws far...does it matter? good for that guy right? he throws far.
    I really like what will wrote above....I've been guilty of worrying too much about what others lifts or throw or how they train, instead of just focusing me and where I need to improve.
    I don't really know if this made any sense at all, and I don't know if I really answered any questions or contributed to the convo, but these are just a few of my thoughts.

    published at Apr 4th 2013 9:09am on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

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