"The Ring" archive entries from Mar 8th 2013

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    I was at the USTFF Nationals in 1980, myself Jessee Stuart and Brian were in our room doing a pre meet prep ) Brian had been messing around with his boxing phase and was always slap boxing with anyone in reach. We were in the hall heading to the meet when he starts on me. He pops me a couple times and comes in for another when I ducked and came up and cupped him hard in the ear. I saw the eyes widen and the smoke starting to rise just as I turned and ran the fastest I have ever run. He warmed up at 75 feet that day splitting the stop board, I think he threw 71' 6" in the meet, I sucked and pretty much called it a season after that.

    published at Mar 8th 2013 9:15am on http://www.effortlessthrow.org/

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